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Red Dragon: 20 stops plus

Michel Hafner

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I like the Red, more so now that it's the underdog - Their marketing is still obnoxious, but they're not alone in that.


The Alexa is nice too, producers like it a lot, probably cos it's harder to mess up :) 13 stops are plenty for me considering there'll be 7 or so at the end (unless they want one of the super low con/low sat looks getting popular)


AC's like it cos it's easy to use.


What I like least about the Epic is the fans kicking on at bad times. Stops the dir from endlessly rolling though.


I'm sure Dragon will be nice, albeit probably less fantastical then some of the claims


More excited about the proxy module - if it can create dnx proxys for avid or prores for fcp that'll make post much happier. Poop if it can output 10-bit DNX175 in redlogfilm I'll probably do certain shows without redcode.


Did I mention how nice it will be to have a HD-SDI bnc the AC's can actually reach?


Also, just noticed cinematography.com changes 'poop' to 'poop'


Edit - any fecal related curse word to 'poop'

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