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A-Minima Super 16 Camera For Sale

Michael Ferguson

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Hello My name is Michael Ferguson. My company System Associates is the exclusive representative for Clairmont Camera in North Hollywood CA surplus Film Cameras and Accessories. Digital gear too. Clairmont Camera is renowned for the meticulous care and maintenance of their gear. All Film Cameras come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. We have lots of Film Cameras for sale What is your request?.



A-Minima Super 16 Camera For Sale $5500.00 Plus Shipping


Includes: Video tap B & W, (4) 200' magazine Power block, (2) rods - short, (2) rods - long, Right handgrip w/2 2pSPL-2pSP, Dual handgrip bracket, Left handgrip w/ext., Carry handle - 3 pc, (2) 12v PC 4pcm-4pcf, (4) 3v Lithium battery, (2) pouch / 200' magazine, (2) fuse, Case, Battery compartment cover, (2) 4pcm-4pPm batt cable, (2) 12v .7A on-board battery, (2) 12v .7A on-board charger, Instructions and a Yellow Pelican Case.


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