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Hi everyone!

I just moved to New York, and I'm working as a cinematographer at the moment (mainly assisting, but I had a few projects where I did the cinematography on my own). I wish to learn more about lighting with low budget. Because of the financial crisis, a lot of the projects lately have a very small budget, and I want to be able to learn better how to work with this.

Can anyone recommend me a good workshop (or something like that) where I can learn this?

Share your experiences with me! :D

Thanks a lot!

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Gary! I just attended a filmmaking workshop in New York, a part of this workshop is about lighting on low budget. I think they also have a lighting workshop, only focussing on that subject. Anyway, it was very helpful! I went to filmschool myself, I got lighting classes for 3 years, but during this workshop I actually learned how to do use those skills. It was organised by Solar Video/Film Productions. Just google 'Solar filmmakingworkshop' or 'solar lighting workshop' And it will show up at the top.

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