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Henrik A Meyer

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I am going to shoot a short film on Canon 1D C camera. I love Marvel´s cine style set up on the Canon 5D mark III.

Is it possible to use the same Marvel´s cine style for the 1D C camera? Or do you recommend another cine style for that camera? I just want to use the best cine style possible so I can do the best color correction in the end. We´re going for the "Amelie" look:-).



Henrik A. Meyer


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Picture Styles are supported on the 1D-C, which means you will be able load and use Marvel's profile on this camera like on your 5D. However, the 1D-C also comes with the Canon Log profile, which would be my profile of choice, as it is a known and documented gamma curve, created by Canon themselves to pull the maximum dynamic range from their sensor.

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