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  1. Beautiful, thank you Marcel.
  2. Hi I am a Cinematographer on a feature film that we're going to start filming in September on the ARRI Alexa EV camera. We have the SXS cards and can max film in ProRes 4444. My question is, is it worth trying to find faster cards and then film in ARRI raw? Or do I get almost the same quality out of the ProRes 4444. The film is properly going to end up on a DCP 2K or 4K. We are setting the camera up fro 16:9 full and then use a 1:2:35 mask to frame after. Thank you, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
  3. Thanks
  4. Is there anyone that have tested the Red Weapon 8K camera? What is the good and bad things about it? Henrik http://www.henrikameyer.com
  5. Sounds good, thanks. I actually use the Leko a lot now, and I agree they do a great job and are fast and easy to use:-). Thanks, the wall bounce is also good idea. I normally use bounce board and Leko together on the sides, so I can angle the light direction a little bit. Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  6. Hi Matthew. Thank you:-). Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  7. Hi. I going to shoot a short film in a high school. We have some large windows with bouncing daylight coming in. I want to use these type of bulbs from Phillips with a quite high CRI: Philips 32-Watt 4ft. T8 Natural 5000K ALTO Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb.Do anyone have experience with these? Or do you recommend something else:-)? Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  8. Hi. Anyone with good experience how to install Magic Lantern on your 5D Mark III:-)? Best, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
  9. Now we are talking about the 5D mark III, dos anyone know the easiest way to upload magic lantern to the camera:-)? Best, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  10. Thanks for sharing Matt. Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  11. Hi Phil. I will be more than happy if you could sent me the link to the test you did, when you have uploaded it:-)? Thanks, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  12. Hi. Now that the Black Magic have been on the market for a while, I would love to hear any experience shooting with this camera? I am going to shoot a short film soon, where this little camera could be very cool to shoot at:-). Thanks, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
  13. Thanks Peter:-). Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  14. Thanks Peter:-). Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  15. Do someone know where there is a good test of it:-)? Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  16. Hi Andrew. Thanks for sharing, it looks good:-). Did you shoot this on the Alexa camera? Best, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  17. Hey guys. Thank you so much, I appreciate it:-). Best, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  18. Hi. I shooting a little narrative film on the Arri Alexa camera. We don´t have the time to shoot a test before we start shooting and I watched some test online about how high you can go with the ISO in the camera in low light locations. Do anyone in here have good experience with the Alexa camera? And how high can I put the cameras ISO with out seeing to much noise in the blacks? Thanks, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  19. Hi Robert. Thanks a lot. I will talk to the editor and post production people:-). Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  20. Hi Haris. Thank you very much. I read and heard a lot about that the skin tones on Alexa is better, like you wrote. I will talk to the editor and the colorist and see what they say:-). Thanks again, Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  21. Hi. Most of my narrative films are shot on RED camera´s. I have a job where we might shoot on Arri Alexa camera. I heart that post production and color correction is easier with Alexa. Any in here with great experience with the Alexa workflow:-)? Best, Henrik A. Meyer. www.henrikameyer.com
  22. That´s a great idea, thanks:-). Henrik www.henrikameyer.com
  23. Hi. Anybody with a good idea to do a top ambient room light set up that is as flat as possible, but still easy to control? Normally I use China balla or kino flos, where the main light source comes from the windows. Thank you, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
  24. Hi. I am going to shoot a short film on Canon 1D C camera. I love Marvel´s cine style set up on the Canon 5D mark III. Is it possible to use the same Marvel´s cine style for the 1D C camera? Or do you recommend another cine style for that camera? I just want to use the best cine style possible so I can do the best color correction in the end. We´re going for the "Amelie" look:-). Best, Henrik A. Meyer www.henrikameyer.com
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