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Selling off Bolex REX-5 16mm Bodies, Assortment of C-Mount Lenses

Lucky Cheng

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I am selling off a large part of my 16mm collection. I've got 2 REX-5 bodies, in perfect working condition and super cosmetic condition. Comes with rewind knob and eyecup. $700 OBO.

Am also selling off these lenses, also usable on 4/3 (Four-Thirds) sensor digital cameras. Listed are prices for each. May be open to negotiating.

Switar Kern-Paillard H16 RX 10mm f/1.6 - $200
Wollensak Cine Raptar 50mm f/1.5 w/ hood - $200
(3x) Switar Kern-Paillard H16 RX 50mm f/1.4 - $500
Switar Kern-Paillard AR 50mm f/1.4 - $500
Yvar Kern-Paillard AR 75mm f/2.5 - $250
Yvar Kern-Paillard AR 75mm f/2.8 - $200

Inquire about the pieces you're interested in. Will sell separately. Can give discounts for buying a bunch of stuff.

**I've also got these few lenses that are quite rare, I'm not really looking to sell them but will consider if the price is really right:

*Switar MC 10mm f/1.6 Macro
*Bell & Howell/Angenieux 25mm f/.95
*Macro Switar H16 RX 50mm f/1.4
*Angenieux Type S5 50mm f/1.5
*Schneider-Kreuznach makro-tele-xenar 75mm f/2.8


If you're in NYC area, we can meet up, otherwise, Paypal (must have verified address). Let me know if you're interested in anything! I have photos of each piece.


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Is there any chance you could sell the carrying handle/strap of any of these cameras?


Why would someone sell off an essential part of a functioning camera to supply you with a spare part? Any number of Bolex service providers should have spares like this, or try Bolex themselves.

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