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BOLEX EL mk.II 16mm

Matej Pok

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Hi, I'm offering my camera set for sale, it includes:

BOLEX EL mk.II normal16 camera body.
last user had it sent to Bolex switzerland to complete service. Since then (4 years ago) only about 25 rolls of 100' film have been shot with camera.
Camera runs without any problems, and it's really in great shape.

Kern Vario-Switar Compact 18-75mm f3.5 zoom
bolex bayonet mount. Lens is in mint condition and has great image quality.

Angenieux 15mm f1.3 C-mount lens

2x Bolex <> C-mount adapter
one genuine Bolex, and one "heavy-duty" from Andrew Alden - Bolex.co.uk

Arri Standart <> C-mount adapter

4x behind the lens filters
1x with 85 filter
1x with 85N9 filter
1x with ND6 filter
1x free

Power cable to 4pin XLR

All fitted in PELI case
I'm selling this set, because I've got SR1 ant LTR sets and don't use Bolex any more.

I'm located in Slovak Republic, Europe

PRICE: € 850 + shipping

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