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  1. Hi, I have got for sale Angenieux 28mm f1.1 / T1.2 super fast lens for Super16 Features: custom made 80mm front diameter Arri standard mount nice sharp image Lens is in good used shape, mechanics are a little dry (CLA would definitely help it) and optics was cleaned of fungus a few years ago (you could see the remains), so the price respects overall state. PRICE 550 EUR + shipping costs PAYMENT PayPal SHIPPING I am located in Slovak Republic, EU. And I preferrably would ship within EU.
  2. Hi, I have got for sale Zeiss zoom lens Vario-Sonnar 10-100mm f1.8 / T2.0 for Normal16mm. Features: gear rings for focus and zoom improved mk.II version Chrosziel fluid for smooth zooming front element diameter is 87mm and does not rotate. Arri bayonet mount (use adapter for Arri PL, if needed) designed for standard16 close focus 1.5m (+ macro function) Lens is in Excellent condition, besides dust on body (like on pictures), optics are in like new condition. Lens does cover Super16 frame on focal length 18-100mm PRICE 1200,- EUR + shipping costs PAYMENT transfer via Paypal SHIPPING: I am located in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. And preferably will ship to EU.
  3. Hi, Did you find out if the XEEN lenses will work on the Arri 435?

    1. Matej Pok

      Matej Pok


      I have used Sony Cinealta primes and Tokina ATX zoom to work great with 435.

      But I didn’t used XEENs. Probably it won’t be any issue, I think

    2. Greg Loscar
  4. I have got for sale set of Sony Cinealta lenses in mint condition! used only very rarely, all in PL mount, all T2.0, with 114mm front 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm Located in Slovakia, Europe, preferrably shipping to EU. PRICE: 7900€ (excl. VAT) + 500 € shipping PELI case for free
  5. Hi, I have for sale viewfinder extension for Arri SR3, it's ARRI FE-4 It has got zooming function and ND filter built in. It's in mint condition, glass is clean. PRICE: 450 € + shipping costs Item is located in Slovak Republic, Europe.
  6. $2500 US Dollars

    1. Matej Pok

      Matej Pok

      Thanks, but that’s too high for me

  7. What a nice build! And what about that anamorphic viewfinder ? 😁 You don’t need that with 3perf 😁
  8. Thanks Uli for the research, I thought about converting my 435, too, but now I have to abandon this idea.
  9. Lens is SOLD. I should already mentioned it sooner, sorry
  10. About 5 years ago, one could buy 3perf Arricam for the price of today’s 435... Although an MOS camera, 435 is excellent piece of gear and definitely worth every penny. We will see how will coronavirus shake film industry, especially real “film” cameras. Hope it will still last...
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