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  1. I have problem, that my K3 won´t run - literally the gears can not turn. I disassambled front part, then inner part, so I can see all the mechanics. Spring is in good order, but when I try to move mirror or main chaft by hand, or by wound crank, I can´t. And I can´t figure out what is stuck, because every gears seems to be OK, everythink is clean, no evidence of problem inside.
  2. Hi, No, camera was sold a long time ago.
  3. I´m looking for 435 steadicam magazines. ARRIMAG M-120 Preferably somewhere in Europe. Thanks.
  4. Frame24.co.uk offers: 400ft 35mm - development and 2k scan = 153 GBP so it´s a little bit more expensive and only a 2k files.
  5. That is really a good price. Frame24 hasn´t got online pricelist, so I didn´t know that.
  6. Hi, I just want to share link to Paul-Anthony Mille´s posthouse: http://kafardfilms.fr/film-stocks-processing/ He is doing so far, the cheapest work in Europe. 16mm - 400ft = 200 € 35mm - 400ft = 150 € (Prices are for developming, cleaning and 2K/4K scanning) Development is done by Hiventy lab, Paris and Paul is doing scans at his posthouse. I have not met Paul in person yet, I just want to share this cheap and great quality alternative on market 🙂 Many people already know Paul, but for those who not, this is the solution to keep you shooting film
  7. Hi, please have anyone used XEEN on Arriflex 435 ? I don' t worry about optical quality (Xeens are fine) but about physical mounting. Right now I'm using Sony CineAlta Primes on my Arri 435 with no problem and great results, but I have to sell those lenses and I'm looking for good alternative. Thanks.
  8. Hi Pablo, nice to hear about my old camera :) Besides this Canon zoom, I have got for sale only Zeiss 10-100mm T2, which is not that long as you might need, but it is a cheap lens (1200) 2X TC for this Zeiss zoom (Mutar) is also not hard to find. If you want something really long - Optex has made some Super16 zooms (as conversion from B4) with long end around 210mm, try google it.
  9. I have got for sale Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens for Super16 features: - PL mount - covers Super16 - 95mm front diameter - close focus 0,6m - sharp even wide open - weight 2.0 kg included: 100% condition Chrosziel zoom damper lens support ring metal shipping case Lens is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe PRICE: 2800 € GALLERY: https://goo.gl/photos/j9baS4to55we48TY9
  10. I have got for sale Canon 7-63mm T2.6 It´s wider brother of that Canon, with better-controlled breathing, and closer minimum focus distance. PM me, if you are interested. I´m from Slovakia, Europe. https://goo.gl/photos/j9baS4to55we48TY9
  11. Hi guys, do you know, if it is OK to send 35mm film to lab without a film core ? I have used Arri SRs, so all my 16mm work had no cores, but I wonder, if it is the same for 35mm stuff. Because there are only a few magazine types with collapsible core. The last I remember is 400ft for Arri 35-3. Thanks.
  12. In first 34 seconds, I would say, you´ve got short loop in loading - that is the thing Aatons don´t like - so jitter is caused by that. But the rest, from 35 till end, is really out of sync shutter. And I don´t understand how can be that done. Shutter and pull-down claw are mechanically connected with main axle from motor, so you can´t move them out of sync by yourself. Maybe try to shoot another short test, with a little bit bigger loop, and you will see.
  13. Hi, I´m using set of Sony Cine Alta 4k primes on Arriflex 435 with great results. They are T2 lenses in whole range and extremely sharp wide open, so pairing with lower sensitivity film stock is very nice.
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