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  1. I have got for sale set of Sony Cinealta lenses in mint condition! used only very rarely, all in PL mount, all T2.0, with 114mm front 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm Located in Slovakia, Europe, preferrably shipping to EU. PRICE: 7900€ (excl. VAT) + 500 € shipping PELI case for free
  2. Hi, I have for sale viewfinder extension for Arri SR3, it's ARRI FE-4 It has got zooming function and ND filter built in. It's in mint condition, glass is clean. PRICE: 450 € + shipping costs Item is located in Slovak Republic, Europe.
  3. $2500 US Dollars

    1. Matej Pok

      Matej Pok

      Thanks, but that’s too high for me

  4. What a nice build! And what about that anamorphic viewfinder ? 😁 You don’t need that with 3perf 😁
  5. Thanks Uli for the research, I thought about converting my 435, too, but now I have to abandon this idea.
  6. Lens is SOLD. I should already mentioned it sooner, sorry
  7. About 5 years ago, one could buy 3perf Arricam for the price of today’s 435... Although an MOS camera, 435 is excellent piece of gear and definitely worth every penny. We will see how will coronavirus shake film industry, especially real “film” cameras. Hope it will still last...
  8. Arriflex 435 ES - 4-perf, IVS video assist PAL, FEM (functionality expansion module), TimeCode module, Arriglow module - Base plate BP-8 + dovetail plate + 19mm rods long, short 3x 400ft magazine + case 1x 400ft magazine (35-III model) 3x 200ft magazine + case finder extension FE-3 finder extension FE-5 ground glass + arriglow: - super35 2,35 - super35 1,85 - super35 silent gate 1,33 - normal35 2,35 - normal35 1,85 - normal35 1,33 P+S Technik uRC - remote control for speed ramps Video-top
  9. Hi, I´m selling my set of Sony Cine Alta lenses, consists of: 20mm T2.0 25mm T2.0 35mm T2.0 50mm T2.0 85mm T2.0 135mm T2.0 All lenses are in mint condition, 100% Some of them was used only 2-3 times. + you will get PELI case for free. Lenses are located in Bratislava, Slovakia PRICE: 7200 € ex VAT (and shipping costs), 8450 € incl.VAT
  10. I have problem, that my K3 won´t run - literally the gears can not turn. I disassambled front part, then inner part, so I can see all the mechanics. Spring is in good order, but when I try to move mirror or main chaft by hand, or by wound crank, I can´t. And I can´t figure out what is stuck, because every gears seems to be OK, everythink is clean, no evidence of problem inside.
  11. Hi, No, camera was sold a long time ago.
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