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  1. Hi, I´m selling my set of Sony Cine Alta lenses, consists of: 20mm T2.0 25mm T2.0 35mm T2.0 50mm T2.0 85mm T2.0 135mm T2.0 All lenses are in mint condition, 100% Some of them was used only 2-3 times. + you will get PELI case for free. Lenses are located in Bratislava, Slovakia PRICE: 7200 € ex VAT (and shipping costs), 8450 € incl.VAT
  2. I have problem, that my K3 won´t run - literally the gears can not turn. I disassambled front part, then inner part, so I can see all the mechanics. Spring is in good order, but when I try to move mirror or main chaft by hand, or by wound crank, I can´t. And I can´t figure out what is stuck, because every gears seems to be OK, everythink is clean, no evidence of problem inside.
  3. Hi, No, camera was sold a long time ago.
  4. I´m looking for 435 steadicam magazines. ARRIMAG M-120 Preferably somewhere in Europe. Thanks.
  5. Frame24.co.uk offers: 400ft 35mm - development and 2k scan = 153 GBP so it´s a little bit more expensive and only a 2k files.
  6. That is really a good price. Frame24 hasn´t got online pricelist, so I didn´t know that.
  7. Hi, I just want to share link to Paul-Anthony Mille´s posthouse: http://kafardfilms.fr/film-stocks-processing/ He is doing so far, the cheapest work in Europe. 16mm - 400ft = 200 € 35mm - 400ft = 150 € (Prices are for developming, cleaning and 2K/4K scanning) Development is done by Hiventy lab, Paris and Paul is doing scans at his posthouse. I have not met Paul in person yet, I just want to share this cheap and great quality alternative on market 🙂 Many people already know Paul, but for those who not, this is the solution to keep you shooting film
  8. Hi, please have anyone used XEEN on Arriflex 435 ? I don' t worry about optical quality (Xeens are fine) but about physical mounting. Right now I'm using Sony CineAlta Primes on my Arri 435 with no problem and great results, but I have to sell those lenses and I'm looking for good alternative. Thanks.
  9. Hi Pablo, nice to hear about my old camera :) Besides this Canon zoom, I have got for sale only Zeiss 10-100mm T2, which is not that long as you might need, but it is a cheap lens (1200) 2X TC for this Zeiss zoom (Mutar) is also not hard to find. If you want something really long - Optex has made some Super16 zooms (as conversion from B4) with long end around 210mm, try google it.
  10. I have got for sale Canon 7-63mm T2.6 zoom lens for Super16 features: - PL mount - covers Super16 - 95mm front diameter - close focus 0,6m - sharp even wide open - weight 2.0 kg included: 100% condition Chrosziel zoom damper lens support ring metal shipping case Lens is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe PRICE: 2800 € GALLERY: https://goo.gl/photos/j9baS4to55we48TY9
  11. I have got for sale Canon 7-63mm T2.6 It´s wider brother of that Canon, with better-controlled breathing, and closer minimum focus distance. PM me, if you are interested. I´m from Slovakia, Europe. https://goo.gl/photos/j9baS4to55we48TY9
  12. Hi guys, do you know, if it is OK to send 35mm film to lab without a film core ? I have used Arri SRs, so all my 16mm work had no cores, but I wonder, if it is the same for 35mm stuff. Because there are only a few magazine types with collapsible core. The last I remember is 400ft for Arri 35-3. Thanks.
  13. In first 34 seconds, I would say, you´ve got short loop in loading - that is the thing Aatons don´t like - so jitter is caused by that. But the rest, from 35 till end, is really out of sync shutter. And I don´t understand how can be that done. Shutter and pull-down claw are mechanically connected with main axle from motor, so you can´t move them out of sync by yourself. Maybe try to shoot another short test, with a little bit bigger loop, and you will see.
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