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An Intern? Why not!

Filippo Maso

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Hi everyone!

I am a 25 years Italian boy just arrived in London and I am very interested in working in the field of cinematography.

After my cinema university studies I have been working for two years as editor, best boy, camera assistant and operator.
These experiences helped me understand what I really want to do, which is working in the camera department.
Actually, I am still learning to acquire new knowledge and experience with an aim to become, some day, a professional DP which is my dream.

I have decided to move to London as it is the most interesting and dynamic European staging post, concerning cinema and video-making. I think that is a more professional environment, in Italy now the situation in awful!

So I'm looking for someone so kind to keep me as a intern! I'm very interested to learn film workflow (and digital too) with a specific attention to movies.

I've tried with rental companies but they are already busy… now I'm studying some books and manuals deal with the job of AC, cinematography, image composition etc… and I'm trying to improve my english too!

So I'm here! If someone is interested please leave me a message.

Thank you!



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Hello Filippo! How are you?


I'm thinking about doing the same as you! (I'm French) I' thinking about moving into the UK around March or April and try to be hired by a production company to start working as gaffer, key grip, AC and then try to start a career as DOP.


I gonna sent my CV, a cover letter and my showreel to many production than I can a try to mer them!


But I wonder, How things have been for you? Did you find work?


I'll be in London from the 9th to the 16th January Maybe we can meet?


Best regards



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Here I am! Sorry for the late reply but I haven't visited the forum for a while...



@ Paula


Yes! At the end I've been working 7 months at Panavision (great experience and wonderful people) and now I'm trying to learn more working as camera trainee... It's a little hard to get jobs regularly but it's great to be on the set!


Fortunately I met few Clapper Loaders and Focus Pullers that are teaching me a lot... would be great in the future to become a decent 2nd AC but who can know... there is a looot to learn.



@ John


Thanks! Yes that's a great trainee scheme. I've checked it just few days before the deadline and I didn't menage to subscribe... what a shame!



@ Alex


If you are still here we can meet! I have to say that my projects for the future are changed a bit... =)



All the best and thank you all! Oh... if you need a trainee give me a shout!



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