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  1. Hello, I have exactly the same problem! I am currently shooting a Documentary in the south of France! And I am glad for the 14 stops range of the FS7. However I have color noise in the Black. My setups are 4K XAVC-I, 2000 ISO, 1/64 ND, S-Log3 ciné/Gamut3. I am not using an external recorder. I put my zebra at 60% of the S-log which will become 90% after gradings. Yesterday I did a black balance before shooting but it seems the noise stayed. A lot of that noise goes away when it is grade of course but some stay and it is quite annoying and disappointing to say the least. Would you have some recommendations? or advices? All the best
  2. Hello Guys, I am gonna start shooting a documentary next week and our main camera will be the PXW-FS7. I already check many topics, tests and other reviews. I first decided to shoot in 1920 X 1080 in S-LOG 3 / Gamut 3. Two reasons to that, first one being mobility and also wish to keep an good latitude for the grading at the director looking to a specific style. Here an example of the kind of footage we looking to end up with For some of the interview we will have a second camera which will be a Sony A7S. The Director already order a Shogun to go with it. As the A7S is capable of shooting in S-Log 2, I wonder: is the Shogun still relevant? And if I have to keep it, should I still set the camera in the Log mode? My worries are that the Shogun record only the under-expose, milky footage from the S-log but without the possibilities of grading which are suppose to come along with it. Then it is possible some day we will have to shoot with C100 but that will become an other problem. Thanks in advance for your answers All the best
  3. Hello Miguel, Love the work you have done on that film. Love the difference between a blue face and a wormer background. The Only thing I would have to say is (the same as Tyler) maybe the light is a bit hard (just with the white hair) But beside that nothing to say. Yes and Honestly don't loose time and energy to grading something for Vimeo everything will disappear in the compression. A film I've done (as a DP) look nothing between the Vimeo Version and the "proper version". ;( But Keep it up look really cool! Cheers
  4. Yes I understand that! And I understand your point! But: - They are genius - They started in a really different Times. - They had really amazing ideas - You can't do a generality after two guys and ESPECIALLY this two. - For a Simple FACT there are not REPRESENTATIVE of the most of us! - Spielberg came back to finish his degree even if didn't need it anymore I see you point but you seem have trouble to see mine, maybe if you took a step back and look at my question differently, you will see I'm not saying you are wrong just I'm asking opinions about these articles Best wishes A.
  5. Hello, As a "Young" French Cinematographer who just leave France for a possibly better future here in London! I would like to stand on one point you mention! You mention France and the law called (L'Exception Culturelle) Who allow French film to stand up in front of the Gigantic American Industry. The thing is even it's allowing film to be shot and French production to survive on the other side of the mirror it means. - Only a few people will work and probably always the same! Or there Friends No-place for newbies. - People will have two or three Jobs on a set or over the all production. but of course get paid only for one because: "We are in a tight budget, you understand?" (I start a movie as a scout Location, then a runner, then I join the set design team, then during the shooting I did my work as a Sparks and backward when the shoot was other) -you work with a lot of pressure, because people make a pleasure to remind you there is 10 guys who could do the job better than you but they (the producer or your boss) are kind enough to keep you! - and often production will take trainee not paying them and give them a lot of responsabilities even too much sometimes! I'm not saying this worst than in the UK, I'm just saying seeing from outside this system seems good enough but after living Five years under I can tell you, the system is far from being perfect and it destroy people (physically but especially mentally) Then again it's only my opinion. So Brandon BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND YOURSELF and DO NOT let people tell you otherwise. Because the longer you are doing that job the less competition you will have. A.
  6. Hello Miguel, Thanks for sharing you experience! Look like you having a lot of Fun up there, a Lot of cool toy to play with! So NFTS seems really a cool place! Enjoy A.
  7. Hello Chris, Can I ask which one you attended? And in which one you are now? Cheers A.
  8. Hello, I see your point Richard! But I'm just gone quote Martin Scorsese's Wikipedia page! "Scorsese enrolled in NYU’s University College of Arts and Science, (now known as the College of Arts and Science), where he earned a B.A. in English in 1964. He went on to earn his M.F.A. from NYU’++s School of the Arts (now known as the Tisch School of the Arts) in 1966, a year after the school was founded." Or Georges Lucas "Lucas then transferred to the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. USC was one of the earliest universities to have a school devoted to motion picture film." See they went to film school / film studies at university! And I don't say one way is better than the other. I'm just asking for example let say I want to go back to school to study Cinematography! And I want to do a really good school! do you think I can trust this ranking? A.
  9. Hello! Thanks Mark for pointed out I didn't say film school! An If I may quote Wikipedia: "After moving to California, he applied to attend the film school at University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television two separate times, but was unsuccessful. He subsequently became a student at California State University, Long Beach." "Cameron enrolled at Fullerton College, a two-year community college, in 1973 to study physics. He switched to English, then dropped out before the start of the fall 1974 semester." But I was wondering if this kinda of raking was worth something? Of course when you are as talented as this two are! You need no film school or University but what is it for the common men? So allow me to ask again:Do you think this kind of Raking worth something? A.
  10. Hello They both Graduate from the California State Universty. A.
  11. Hello, I found these two articles about the Top Ten Schools in UK & US. I'm mostly agreed but I wonder what this type of ranking can worth? I mean is this accurate? I know finding an University can be confusing.I know I'm confused myself right now looking for mine. But I wonder.... So In you opinion What are the best school and do you think, this kind of ranking is trustable? Here the links http://talesfromtheargo.com/uk-film-schools/ http://talesfromtheargo.com/top-us-film-schools/ Cheers Guys PS : I read a lot of Bad reviews on MET Film School but apparently now it's recommended by NFTS??? https://nfts.co.uk/sign-me-up/pathways-nfts What do you think of that as well?
  12. Hello, Anyone would be up for a meeting around the end of next week? Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Cheers
  13. Hello, Ok no problem I understand! Could we say next week? or even the week after? I fact it could be really cool to organise a sort of meeting in central London with several people from the forum! :) Who will be up for something like that? Axel
  14. Hello guys, Not to many reply to my previous post. But I keep doing some research. Thanks to this forum I found a lot of relevant information lately. So there is some part of my career plan! please fell free to comment, adjust, reject, advise . :) So first the more I think about it the more it seems than taking a Big MA degree in such a big university such as NTFS, AFI, NYU, UCLA seems a good idea, not only because it will give me connexion but it will give me also a lot of important knowledge and it seems like an really good opportunity. Plus I love learning things so Seems like a good opportunity if I pass there exams. From what I heard Climbing the Ladder or Film school, one is not better than other but that's seems lately a degree helps to start with connections at first but also it proves you are capable! Any thoughts on that? Plus on a personnel point of view I would love to study in one of this prestigious school and get a degree from them. But that will be for later. In the meantime I'm gonna try to apply to rental houses to gain some work experience or trainee opportunity that kind of stuff. But this is the are part of my plan as I need to keep a paid job in order to pay my bills but I think if they offer me a work experience it will be only for a short period so I can still manage something... Plus I've heard of company taking intern and making them grow up in the society but I don't know if it can work for cameraman, assistant camera even DP? Finally one thing I really wanted to ask. Do you think it's possible if I write personally to DP's maybe I'll find one who will be up to mentoring me from the ground start? Do you think it's possible? One last thing I would love to meet some of you ( I did a post in London section already) :) So if some of you are in London and feeling like meeting me! Let me know ok? Thanks you in advance for you helps and your advice and any kind of answer you will bring to the topic :) Cheers
  15. Pre-saturnalia? Could We say this week? and in a central Location maybe? Of course anyone interest please deem free to join in.
  16. Hello, I would like to know if some of you would be up fo a meeting in London? I'm currently living in London so any date is good for me :). If some of you are interested let me know. Cheers Guys Axel
  17. Hello, I would like to give my contribution to this discussion by telling you I bought some of the books, who were advise on page one and so far I'm not disappointed at all. Right now I'm reading So you want to be a Cinematographer? Life Behind a Lens by Austin F. Scmidt. And Honestly my only regret is to not have read this book when I was 20 years old. By the way the forum is mentioned in the book :) So for those of you who dream to pursue a career as a Cinematographer I advise you to read this book first. Regards
  18. Hello to all, So right now I'm preparing the IELTS in order to go back to school. I'm currently thinking AFI or NTFS as a MASTER CLASS. Would have some other recommandations regarding a school ANYWHERE in the world to do an MA? Also if you have any recommandations for a short courses or place to get a professional experience as well? Thank you in advance for your answer
  19. Hello to all!!! So it has really been a while since I last posted something anyway.... So Here I'm living in London since 6 months now and already done two movies and accomplished two dreams of mine - Shooting in 35mm - Shooting a feature (just a couple of days but a feature anyway ;) So now I'm really settle in london for the time being, it took me a while but I did it!!!! :) Anyway I'm gonna told my life here.... But Now I know I really want to go back to school maybe for a Master degree or something like that, but apparently I'm a bit late for this year, nevermind I'll work, studio and do some other stuff until I can try to incorporate a big school. So As you guess already I've got a few questions. I saw AFI opening for this year and of course I'm gonna apply but I would like to know if beside AFI and and NFTS you have heard of or Know a really good (practical) school to do an MA? Also I'm looking to do some short study as well If you have any thoughts about that, any recommandations? To have my hands on camera. Is it really hard in the UK to obtain a work experience? or maybe you know some serious website where I can find that kind of information. Final Question (I promise) I know it's about connexion but as a foreigner my connexion level is really low do you know any website, agency... who could provide me some serious work? To be honest I find a lot of informations of internet but I fell kind of lost between everything. Thanks you fo have take the time to read this and hope you will be able to light up some stuff for me :)
  20. Hello everyone! Happy New year! I'm couldn't agree with you more but you know sometimes when you are exhausted, you do bad moves and you might get hurt. I remember one time: We were assembling a Musical Show and we have only One hours of sleep between two shift! At some point we mesure the height of the light bridge and the guy told me to pull the tape measure, to drop the loop hanging in light bridge. Of course I pull but I forget to remove my self from below and of course I took the plastic loop on the head and it cut my forehead right open! I was bleeding and everything, it even knock me out for a second (It fall from10 meters). But I couldn't tell a thing because I was so tired I forgot my helmet...... I had a headache during two days after that...... And I promise myself never work again without at least three-four hours of sleep! drive time not included. But the funny thing is when you said that to producer (at least some of them I met) he said you're not a very cooperating person. As you can see it's not only about getting hurt while driving to or from the job! It's also not getting hurt in the job!
  21. Hello everyone! Happy New year! Ok great phil! What do you think of the 11th in the afternoon? around 2 pm? If some of you are available please join us! it will be a pleasure to meet you! Happy new year again! Sincerely Axel
  22. Hello Filippo! How are you? I'm thinking about doing the same as you! (I'm French) I' thinking about moving into the UK around March or April and try to be hired by a production company to start working as gaffer, key grip, AC and then try to start a career as DOP. I gonna sent my CV, a cover letter and my showreel to many production than I can a try to mer them! But I wonder, How things have been for you? Did you find work? I'll be in London from the 9th to the 16th January Maybe we can meet? Best regards Axel
  23. Hello everyone! So I'll be in London from the 9th to the 16th January! Maybe if some of you are available we can meet! I can propose to you around the 10th (all day), the 11th, the 12th in the afternoon. It would be wonderful if a few of us can meet together and have a drink and a chat! ​So if you are interest please reply with a post of send me a private e-mail and we try to arrange a meeting. Thank you Axel
  24. Hello guys! Here you'll find my new showreel! Please comments! Viméo: https://vimeo.com/82892635 Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Axel Morin
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