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Zeiss SLR series? How good are they?

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Hello Everyone,


I'm doing some research to get the best option quality/price for DSLR cinematography lenses.


Zeiss CP2 looks great but they are quite expensive for my budget. But I found this Zeiss SLR lenses on their cinematography section http://lenses.zeiss.com/camera-lenses/en_de/cine_lenses/slr/slr_lenses.html


So here are my questions: Has someone already used this SLR lenses? Is there a big difference with the CP2s? Are any other good options (on other brands) similar than those?


Thank you very much !!


Greetings from Ecuador !




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I haven't used the standard still ones, so I can't directly attest, but I've read/been told that it's the same glass essentially, just in different housing.


With the CP.2s, you're getting a standard sizing, gear teeth, etc.

Not sure if there's a difference with breathing or anything though. You'd probably have to google around. I'm sure someone has done a comparison.

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