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Workflow Davinci Resolve to premiere?

Tarin Camarena

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I am color grading Red epic footage and was looking for the best workflow option since time remapping (slowing down/speeding up clips) is needed for some of the clips. I know the current Davinci Resolve 9 does not accept xml files with time remapping done in premiere. Storage space and time is not the biggest issue for me. Im more concerned with getting the best color grade and highest quality image from my camera since im going to be integrating VFx work and green screen for some of the clips.

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You might be to update your davinci . Ever since the davinci resolve update of 9.0.3 resolve reconizes premire speed changes. I would do the green screen before davinci and then grade it. If you do the other way around I would suggest export DPX to keep your footage high quality.

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