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Feedback & going forwards

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Hi all,

First post here, thought I'd introduce myself.

Having worked at a video production company in the UK for the past 5 years I've finally gone freelance as I'm looking to get more into shorts and gaining dp, 1ac, 2ac etc. experience. I know I'm at the very beginning but being 32 I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

My first project is a self-initiated music video for an prog artist Crayola Lectern, shot on Epic and I was wondering if anyone had any constructive criticism on the piece? It's not fiction per se, being a music video, but I was aiming for a look which would work cinematically. All the rest of the technical info is on the Vimeo page but here's the video:


I know this has been answered in various posts by various people but I would like to get more experience on a set, either 1ac, 2ac (or dp, but unlikely get a break), what is the best way to go about this? Agencies? Just networking? Creating your own content (shorts etc.)?

I know my stuff fairly well but I assume no-one will hire camera crew without real set experience or work credits.

Thanks all in advance,

PJ Palomaki
+44 (0)7876 251565
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The tilt up and tilt down at the start and end are very nice.

Some of the shots don't really work very well. 1:28 for instance. My fave shot is the bit with the trumpet at 2:10, very nice!

Theres a few too many shots that aren't all that and some where the framing is a bit off. I get the feeling you might be very good at camera motion, so you might want to play to that strength, dunno.


Anyway more to the point, the thing to do I think is to just do lots of stuff.

Doing things leads to more things, not doing things leads to decay as entropy is the natural order of the universe.


Create your own stuff, yes! Also build on the relationships you already have. So maybe more Crayola Lectern video's are in order. Just more stuff generally. Do as much as you can, as fast as you can and most importantly, get it out there.



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Thank you Freya for the feedback, I agree, especially the shot at 1:28, it's a shot I've been meaning to re-frame for a while but haven't got around to it. It's a 5K frame down to HD so shouldn't be a problem.


Any suggestions on the framing on how to improve, always keen to learn.


Thanks for the suggestions about going forwards as well, very helpful.


It seems to me more and more like work in cinematography are getting thinner, leaner and over-saturated (like many other video/film-related ones), very difficult to crack it to a place where you're actually paying the bills.

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