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  1. Thanks Steven, I did a terrible job of posting this. I came down poorly too which is why I've been off the map. It was actually £2700 for a "quick sale" I didn't make a quick sale though! 😉 I'm looking for cash on collection in East London as it is a BIG piece of glass! Hope everyone else here is well and firing on all cylinders! 🙂 Freya
  2. Hope these pictures will help. A lot of people asked for photos! :) Freya
  3. https://ibb.co/SRx7SdD https://ibb.co/vHCScws https://ibb.co/5Wt3wDb https://ibb.co/6yj3pbT https://ibb.co/jfxxh03 https://ibb.co/2hMFmLf https://ibb.co/P5tKcWw https://ibb.co/VxbcgNt
  4. I have for sale something even weirder! A cooke 9.5-47.5mm 16mm lens at T1.5 I suspect it a modified cooke 35mm lens where Cooke have added some kind of focal reducer. I could be wrong but.... It is a large zoom so you would need good support. I'm based in London too! Special price for fast sale of £2700 Freya
  5. See marketplace but I wanted to mention the stand here. Its a big stand... Not sure if its impractical. To take a lot of weight I guess. Made by strand lighting... its in the trash and will be gone soon. 😞
  6. Very Long shot: Free Silhouette Light with stand. Rank Strand folding brace strand. Fairly huge, unknown condition. Presently in the trash. You would need to get here with transport before it goes. Otherwise a great opportunity to get a lighting fixture and stand. If you get here and its gone I cant magic it back so its a matter of acting fast.
  7. https://ibb.co/TvsYwNT https://ibb.co/ngg3pW3 https://ibb.co/9c43sHB
  8. Traditional Metal case for 10 4x4 filters Practical case, rare these days. £80 cash on collection in London. Anyone interested? Freya
  9. Just an update... This all ended up in a skip... I couldnt really ship it there was too much... A lot More than 30 cans if Im honest... I just wanted someone to have it so I figured If I could cover the cost of a van etc then someone could have a LOT of film.... but I couldnt get that much overseas the way people wanted and I ran out of time.... Sorry folks.... wrong place....wrong time...
  10. So many people want me to find a way to ship this overseas but its not easy because its fairly large and heavy... I might be able to find a way to ship it without the flightcase maybe... Dunno... Freya
  11. See how tiny the camera is compared to the lens and the mag!!! Freya
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