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  1. I'm writing an article for Broadcast Tech on Apples new ProRes Raw technology and was wondering if anyone had any opinions or ideas about the technology and how it might affect aquisition or post production. Do you think it will be a popular technology or do you think that Red already has this part of the market sewn up with red .r3d's? How do you think it will affect the future of cinematography or do you think it might not. I'm looking for quotes for my article so let me know if I can quote you on it! Freya
  2. I'd happily accept payment in Bitcoins Adrian! :) You have any leads on this? ;). Freya
  3. Thought other people might be interested in this too... Transferwise have just started a new service where you can have virtual bank accounts and even a mastercard in multiple currencies! This is going to solve some serious problems for me and I thought others might find it handy too! Here is my link where you can sign up. https://transferwise.com/u/freyap [Full disclosure: I get a bonus if you sign up via the link, although you get a free transfer for up to 500 GBP too] Been using transferwise for ages but this new thing of having local accounts is going to save me so many headaches! Presently only available to those based in Europe however although you can use currencies worldwide. Freya
  4. I think you need to look at the script and locations and work out if there are locations and situations that look different anyway that could be shot digitally. For instance in might be possible to shoot all the night scenes on digital or alternatively to shoot scenes in some other context digitally. You want to make sure that you don't end up directly intercutting the film and digital footage, so make sure that the digital footage is in new scenes. Even better if you can cut to black inbetween. If you are lucky you might even be able to make the changes in look motivated in some way, for instance if there are flashbacks in the movie then the flashbacks could be shot on digital or visa versa. If there are scenes that require more footage and they are already shot then it would be best if those scenes continued to be shot on film so that it is consistent and you aren't trying to match film and digital shots in the same scene which makes things even harder. Good luck. Freya
  5. I really like the thought put into the framing and editing in this video. Could you tell me how you are doing the crane shots though? I thought those look a bit interesting and quirky. Freya
  6. That's a bit of a wild assumption as I really like "Inland Empire" a lot and have watched it many times. Having said that I didn't think it worked well on the big screen but there we are. I also really like the cinematography in Inland Empire but I don't think anyone would describe that as flashy. I don't have to do much to avoid watching films either at the moment as I have very poor access to the internet. I'm interested in anything that David Lynch does and if I get the opportunity some time I am sure I will see it. I'm probably just not going to seek it out right now. Freya
  7. If you are planning on shooting Vision colour negative then you want to try and OVERexpose the negative by approx 2/3 stop. Hope that helps. Freya
  8. It looks like it could possibly be OCT-18 to me. A bit of a weird idea for a Baltar lens though but the tab thing is a characteristic of OCT-18 as are the mickey mouse ears. I can't tell if that is the case though as one of the big differences is the diameter of the mount but Arri Standard and OCT-18/OST-18 look very similar. The focus dial doesn't move as the entire lens is supposed to roatate in the mount. That's what the tab thing is about too. IIf I had to guess I would say that it was Eyemo Eyemax mount especially given that it is a Baltar lens. I can't tell the size/scale from the photos though. Freya
  9. It's "The Search for Spock" isn't it David? Sorry couldn't resist. Anyway what do you think is going on in that Gone With the wind still? I like it but I was wondering if they were trying to make him look a bit demonic or if it's just supposed to be something about red hot passion? Freya
  10. Sans Soliel by Chris Marker... Oh and La Jetee... In fact anything by Chris Marker. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome by Kenneth Anger If you can get to see anything by Gregory Markopoulos then you should but his work isn't that easy to get to see. Speaking of things that are hard to get to see "Man with a mirror" by Guy Sherwin is incredible if you are at all interested in expanded cinema but it's worth checking out stuff by Guy Sherwin in general actually. Films by Tony Conrad. Stuff by Ken Jakobs The films of Jem Cohen Freya
  11. pushed the dates twice to help you or just in general? Once you have made your decision about which to go with I would still urge you to try and reschedule dates on the other, or at least to try and see if something can be sorted. Maybe there is still a way to have your cake and eat it somehow because it sounds like both of them are really important but do be careful not to upset BOTH parties somehow. In short: Work out which is the one to go with and keep talking with the other. Maybe there will be a way to make it happen somehow. Freya
  12. Or George Lucas for the matter! ;)
  13. Is that true? I mean Arri have the 765 and Panavision have System 65. They surely can't have one camera each? Freya
  14. YES! That's a great point Adrian. I probably am putting down to luck the work of a lot of people to make a film succesful . I've been chewed out a little lately too for putting down some things I even did as luck whereas maybe I did actually do things that made those things work. I'm starting to see that a little. I dunno though. I feel like I could do with some luck right now! ;) Freya
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