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Opinion on Noris Norisound 342 Stereo?

Laurent Daudelin

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It's German and the lens is a Schneider. It'll probably be an excellent projector. That said, I'd never heard of the brand either, but their stuff looks like it was (is?) squarely marketed at the European market. The company started making magic lanterns in 1866, so they weren't a fly by night operator.

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Hiya, great projector, lamp housing does tend to get quite warm as the cooling system was not that great. Fantastic edge to edge sharp picture and quite possibly the brightest 100 watt lamp projector ever made! Later noris projectors were ie 410 were not in the same class as the 332, 342 etc. The 342 will out perform projectors ( in terms of light output and image quality) from eumig, sankyo etc.

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