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  1. My understanding is the camera from the supplier are serviced and are supplied with a recelled battery? Has the internal filter been removed?, if so bet your back focus will be out too. A serviced camera should have a clean viewfinder. Return the camera to the supplier for cleaning.
  2. I wonder which lab they had issue's with?. I've been using Dwayne's photo since c2006, never had any issue's with there e6 processing in the 8mm, DS8, 16mm and 35mm slide formats.
  3. yes, had many transportation issue's with the old 100d, new stock is very smooth running. Found the old 100d to jam the most in my canon 514xl, old 100d would also cause flickery images even in high end cameras due to poor transportation of the stock.
  4. leicina std 8, 1.35v, hearing aid batts, 1.5 or 1.55v, read years ago this can damage the accuracy of the lightmeter. I purchased an adapter that reduces the voltage to correct voltage.,
  5. Nick, thanks for the provie footage, as i feared, poor registration, which is why i have avoided the stock (apart from 35mm slides) till i've seen a few more samples. The new kodak offing, i like the saturation, but not taken back by the image sharpness. Looking at the curves from Karim, K25 is well over the 100 mark, whilst 7294 is short of the 100 mark. Was k25 around 63 lppm, reckon 7294 will just under 50 lppm, which means soft looking super 8 as very little image area, one needs as much resolving power as possible, pitty kodak didn't opt for a 50 asa reversal.
  6. in terms of grain, k25 rms 9, new E100 rms8. Resolving power well short of k25 and Provie 100d. Same soft old 100d from Kodak just pushed out as 7294 instead of 7285...
  7. looking at the spec sheets for the new stock, and providing I've read them correctly, the stock is no where near as sharp as Provia 100d, lets hope 7294 is sharper than the old dire 100d from Kodak. Its great having a new stock, but with limited resolving power I wont be buying too many rolls/cartridges.
  8. The lens will need to be adjusted to the camera body or you may get soft images at T1.4 on the 6mm end of the lens....
  9. there is a 514xl-s listed here, http://www.marriottworld.com/stock/s8cinestock.htm going cheap so check its mint and full working order...
  10. Just listened to the sound bite, don't like the sound of the camera, try inserting the batteries and wave the camera around, turn the camera upside down, see if the hand grip to camera body is making poor contact, wiggle the handgrip around, operate the camera with the hand grip folded down and up next to the camera body. If that doesn't work, look for another camera.
  11. Change the batteries, the motor will require more power than the LED cue lamp. Only issue ever experienced with a 514xl-s is the battery compartment to camera contacts, never had a motor failure, so change them batteries, are they Duracell's?
  12. Is the camera running ok with no film inserted?
  13. 40t would be awesome, just hope they re-formulate the ghastly and unsharp 100d is was bloody awful stock. 64t was better with more natural colours.
  14. Blimey, i only sold my 400ft rolls of DS8 100D for £120.00 earliier this year!!!
  15. No decent reversal colour stock available at present, wittner 200d is available but this is very grainy, from the footage I've seen the image looks horrible a far cry from the glory days of Kodachrome. Hopefully we'll have a new colour stock by the end of 2016?
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