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What atmosphere can I create with Kino Flos?

Mike Barlas

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Hi everybody

To clarify my older post.


I am trying to light a room that is 30ft long 16ft wide and 15 ft tall with three 4 bank kino's.

The room is wood and will be dark, except for some minimal house lights, 5x 30 watts halogens on the ceiling.Which I can change the bulbs to 150watts if need be.


I want to create a slightly underexposed background ambience, where details
are visible. But the room is NOT fully lit. Similair to this reference photo:
Ignore the color cast please.

I want to use the three Kino 4 Banks to light the background only, but
I wouldn't mind some of that background light spilling on the sides of the actors, such as in the photo.

Hope this makes sense.




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You'd basically have to rig them parallel to the long direction every six feet -- assuming these are 4' 4-bank Kinos -- so after 6', you hang the first one, then there's another 6' gap, then you hang the next Kino, etc. If you have enough exposure, since you want a dim ambience, you could cover the outside of the Kino doors with diffusion like 216.


You'd probably still want a couple more Kinos on stands for lighting people in their closer shots.

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Hi David,


Thank's for your reply.


Yes, these are 4' 4 bank kinos. Thank's for the rigging advice.


So i will rig the Kino's on one wall, and film our shots across on the other wall and middle of room say 10 ft away.

And diffuse as needed. I have some Lee 250 half white diffusion and 420 light opal frost.



I was concerned about the Kino light fall off. At 6ft they produce 84fc or 775lux, but I have no idea what that will look like.

I will do a test but not under exact conditions.


For the close ups of the actors I plan to light them more dramatically. With a 1k tungtsen fresnel and fill with a 650 watt tungsten fresnel with diffusion 250 doubled.

similar to this photo, but with longer shadows that are filled in more.




I hope to use above set up for groups of three or four, but flood the fresnels more? I do have access to a couple 750 plus open faced fresnels...



Thank's again David, your time and input are much appreciated.




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