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Eclair NPR U16 Kit - Lots of Accessories $2500

Kevin Powell

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I have owned this system for 10 years and used it only a handful of times. It’s perfectly kept and makes beautiful, rock steady widescreen images. I’m a professional and take care of my gear. Clearing out space in my studio and she needs a good home. Lots of pics at the link below the description. I can be contacted here on the forum or through my site at the link. Thanks for looking!

(U16 Modification & Laserbrighten by Bernie O’doherty)

- Ultra16 Eclair NPR Body

- Angenieux orientable viewfinder

- Laserbrighten ground glass with 1.85:1 aspect guide markings

- 2 Magazines

- 2 Motors/Cradles

• Variable speed crystal motor 12-15-20-24-30-40 fps

• Second motor for parts or repair

- Canon c-mount 12-120mm f2.8 macro Fluorite lens - with uv filter & rubber lens hood

- Arri to CA-1 Bronze lens adapter

- 15mm iris rods with mount

- Formatt 4x4 MatteBox with 15mm iris rod mount - one static and one rotating stage

- IndiSystem Follow Focus and accessories

- Sekonic L-398A light meter and accessories

- Eclair hard cases

- Lens port caps

- Gate cap

- 5 daylight spools with cases & various cores

$2500 + Shipping

More pics here: http://kevinpowellstudio.com/eclair-npr-u16/



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