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Shooting in Africa

PJ Palomaki

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Hi all,


I'm shooting a feature in Cape Verde this feb-march and although I've shot in Africa before (Burkina Faso & Zim), never a feature and at this level. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers on obvious issues and possible solutions to them? The whole shoot will be in a city with (albeit limited) access to power.


Apart from the obvious issues of travel, accommodation, food & drink etc. the main issue we'll face is the light - top sun, dark skin tones, literally no golden hour (I think we'll be at around 17 degrees north), dark as death during the night, restricted access to power.


Due to budget and logistical issues I have to be fairly careful with what we take over so I'm planning on using a lot of practicals-turned-film lighting, i.e. china balls, work lights. Also to fill frame & create interest, christmas lights, etc.


By far most scenes will be shot during daylight hours so natural light will be no.1 but there are a few scenes during night.


So have any of you shot in similar situations and have any pointers? I've read things like sowing white fabric under baseball caps while bouncing sun towards face etc.


Any comments are appreciated.




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