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K-3 only runs for approx. eight seconds.

Max William Lauf

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Hi all,


I just picked up a K-3 for a comparatively inexpensive price. When I got it, I discovered the camera was jammed, and at full wind -- about 4 full turns -- it would only run for about eight seconds. I fixed the jam by raising the height of the drive sprocket -- it looks like someone who didn't know what they were doing took the thing apart to try and work on it, because the threads on one of the screws/posts holding the baffle plate on were stripped. Since I was able to fix the jam so easily, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the problem with the short run time is. If it's a matter of resetting something so the spring is allowed to wind fully, and is a procedure that's reasonably easy to do, I'd consider trying to fix it myself. Otherwise, I'll probably send the camera to DuAll. I figure it's not worth returning, because the combined shipping costs will then be as much as the camera.


Does anyone know what might be causing the short wind, and is it possible to fix without the spring lopping my head off?


Thanks in advance,



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