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HVR Z1 editing

John Ball

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Apart from HDV capabitity of that Z1P, whats makes it very attractive is

it's 'component' outputs (YUV).

This is 'fantastic' for use with D1 broadcast quality uncompressed edit

systems like VT3/4 , as that is the toasters native format.

ie. component into the toaster would achieve better results than using the

1394 (firewire) capture, as 1394 is 3.6MB per second, and VT uncompressed is

22MB per second. ie. Uncompressed = excellent. Firewire also has colour

sampling technique of 4:2:0 (PAL) and VT uncompressed is 4:2:2.


Analog uncompressed also has other benefits when used with an uncompressed

system like VT.

One overlooked feature in VT, is that it can do broadcast quality realtime

systems conversion.

ie. via it's analog outputs, it can system convery NTSC to PAL in REALTIME.

eg. PLace VT in NTSC mode.. record some true NTSC footage... put VT back

into PAL mode.. palce NTSC footage on timeline, play the clip and record it

out via component to that Z1P, and you have a beautiful PAL recording.


Note: THat is the only thing I am unsure of about that Z1P... ie. Does it

have component INPUT as well as OUTPUT.??


ie. The camera defines your final output quality..... The VT supports both

compressed and un-compressed 'SD'.

The Z1P does HD as well, but has advantage of component output SD or HD,

which I have never seen in that price bracket before.

That Z1P can also downconvert HD into SD 1080i to 720p. VT can handle

both 720i and 720p.

It's said that although downconverted HD720p is not as good as true HD,

that when they compared it to the PD170's narive SD.. that the Z1P was still


(this from a PD170 user, who wnats to sell his PD170 and buy the Z1P)

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