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2.40 framelines question

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I'm shooting a short in the next few weeks and the director and I believe it's content should be told in the scope of 2.40.

We will not be able to shoot with anamorphic lenses, so our thought is to shoot wider than we would normally, cropping the tops and bottoms later to achieve the crop.

Unless there are better suggestions from you fine folks to achieve the result we are looking for, my additional thoughts would be to shoot 6k (RED DRAGON) and finish in 4k, which would give us the additional field of view on the horizontals adding to our cheat of the anamorphic format.

I'm completely prepared for someone to point out the faults in the ideas above, but in case they are correct here is my actual question.

Would I be safe in relying on the 2.40 frame lines in 6k when we end up finishing in 4k, or should we compensate one way or the other to make sure the framing translates properly in the end?

Thanks in the advance!

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Yes, you can rely on your frame lines, just shoot a framing chart that matches them and put the chart at the head of the reels, and make sure any other cameras have the same frame lines if possible or else you'll be doing some re-framing later in post.

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Red also has the option to overlay 2:40 frame lines and will carry the frame guides over in redcine x for preview or export. There is also an awesome plug in for premiere that will add different aspect ratio mattes across your timeline for when it comes time to edit.

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