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hello all,


I'm planning on purchasing a k3 tomorrow and was curious about mounting Leica M lenses on it via a Leica M - M42 adaptor, since I already own an M mount lens for another camera. I know M lenses generally don't work on systems with a mirror because they're built for rangefinders, but I've found an adaptor online that claims focus-to-infinity as a feature (without a lens element in the adapter).




I'm skeptical but frankly don't know enough about lens adapting to go through with the purchase without further research. Has anyone tried to mount an M lens of a K-3?


Thanks for the help!


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You cannot do this. The Leica M FFD is almost twice less than the M42 FFD. FFD = Flange Focal Depth. The inverse will work. That is an M42 lens attached to a Leica M mount camera. This adapter exists (M42 -> M ) for the Leicina Super 8 camera.


From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flange_focal_distance. FFD also known as flange-to-film distance.
M42 FFD = 45.46 mm
Leica M-mount = 27.80 mm


Good luck.

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