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  1. That is impressive that Les can build a PL hard front for the older Aatons. I know he offered something similar for the Bolex but he advised me that the PL adapter was better for the Bolex. The adapter also retained the use of C mount lenses. I stand corrected on the PL specs. Thanks everyone. ”Flange focal distance: 52.00 mm (51.97 mm for the Arri SR high speed models) (73.5 mm for Arriflex 765, that mount is known as "Maxi PL-mount")(60.00 mm for XPL-mount on ALEXA65) (44 mm for the LPL-mount on ALEXA LF) Diameter: 54.00 mm (64.00 mm for Maxi PL-mount) (72.00 mm for XPL-mount on ALEXA65) (62 mm for the LPL-mount on ALEXA LF)”
  2. Steve, Les Bosher in the UK just machined a specialized PL to Bolex Bayonet Mount for me. He does superb work. Do you have an Aaton LTR? There should be sufficient Flange Focal Depth (FFD) in order manufacture one, i.e. Aaton FFD --> 40mm (Throat diameter = 50mm) PL FFD -----> 52MM (Throat diameter = 60mm) Expect to pay around 350+ GBP. web = http://www.lesbosher.co.uk/ email = les@lesbosher.co.uk Cheers! Nicholas Toronto
  3. The Apollo 11 lunar video camera, ie https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/WEC-Engineer-3-1968.pdf
  4. The custom Mauer 16mm data aquisition camera was beyond awesome. What a beauty, eg https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/camera-data-acquisition-command-module-16mm-apollo-11 https://history.nasa.gov/afj/ap16fj/02photoequip.html
  5. Superb and fascinating 35mm machines.
  6. Understood, David. But you might be surprised by the hardcore. Rental has deeper pockets but there are a few well heeled Super 8 filmmakers out there. But just look at the number of buyers for current Arri cameras. Where there is a will there is financing. :)
  7. Congratulations, David! Looks fantastic. And interest in expanding beyond a few cameras?
  8. Although not a handheld gimble example per-se check out the incredible shots from a Bolex (model unidentified) mounted on a 3-axis gimble/drone shot on V3 50D color neg. They also mounted the 3-axis gimble on a car, i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsRexSiCx20. What is the upper capacity if a DJI Ronin? There exists a special security Bolex stripped down to it's essentials. M5?
  9. I concur with Don. I must say that experimental filmmakers that I have talked too would love to replicate this effect but cannot do so easily or at all. :)
  10. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of operating the superlative Aaton XTR designed by JP. Outstanding. Sooooo quiet and intuitive. Rock solid image. My neg was held very flat at the gate absent any perf light leaks.
  11. Willem, Jean-Louis Seguin can help you.
  12. Jame, Jean-Louis Seguin re-manufactured the Bolex DS8 model to shoot a non-anamorphic 3.1 aspect ratio w/o a non-centered Standard 16mm lens mount. Did you not read the prior posts from 2016? I shot this with that camera and a non-centered 10mm C-mount Tevidon. Although the width is greater than Super 16, the image exposed wonderfully, i.e. https://tinyurl.com/y8v2yzz9 The exact frame dimensions can be found on my UltraPan8 Facebook page, i.e. "The second adaptation utilizes the full 16mm width of 2 perf Double Super 8 film (DS8) in conjunction with a Super 8 pulldown cycle. It is known as UltraPan8 3.1 DS8 and debuted in 2012. The 3.1 designation refers to it's aspect ratio with an actual frame size of 13.00mm x 4.22mm. Note that the actual frame width is greater than Super 16. Also note that the Super 8 perforation is smaller dimensionally than Regular 8 /16mm which allows more of the 16mm film width to be used. Magazine run time is also doubled as there are 80x UltraPan8 frames per 16mm foot as opposed to 40. The imaging area is 34% greater than the smaller Super 8 format (SMPTE camera aperture), "
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