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HVR-Z1 Newbie problems


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Hi out there... Hope someone can help me out on this:


I recently bought a Sony Hvr-z1U. Eager to start I tried to connect my new camera to my pc... but all i get from the pc is "No device available" :(


My platform:


Dell Dimension 8250, 2,80 GHz, 2,78GHz and 512 MB RAM

Windows XP Professional version 2002, Servicepack 2

I have automated updates for Windows.


128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 pro


I know I may be in the lower field of system requirement... But I accept a slow workflow. For the moment I just want to capture and start editing.


Recommended for connecton to pc is i.Link 4pin to 4pin. I have an IEEE 1394 firewire with 4 pin to 6 pin (computer).... Is this why my pc do not find the cam?


I have tried Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (with the last HDV plugin, wich I did not get to work) and Sony Vegas 6.0 but none of them can connect/find to the cam...


I have not recorded in HDV format, only in DVCAM, and will stay in this format for a while.


I THINK I have set all menus right... The Out/In Rec format etc...


Please someone out there... Help, and guide me through my newbie problems...


I have searched the net for hours looking for a UP-AND-GO tutorial for dummies, but I can not find anything... And if I find something, it only makes me more confused because it allways are to much information that I do not need, and it takes hours to read.... Would have loved a link or a post with a "checklist" so I easily can start working.


Please ask for further information about my settings both on the computer and the cam, as I may somewhere in the "setting-jungle" forget to set the right parameters somewhere.


With hopes


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If your PC cannot "see" the camera, it could also point to a faulty (or wrong) cable or firwire port. Try these tests...


Do you have any other firewire device you can try on your PC. If something else works, then your firewire port is okay.


Can you connect that something-else with the same cable you are connecting to your camera with? If so and it works, it also proves the cable works.


Try connecting your camera to another PC with a firewire port and see if that works.


I'm thinking faulty PC port, faulty or wrong cable, or even faulty camera port?

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Thank you both for advices... :) I am very glad that someone takes time to help out on problems in this forum.


It showed to be a defect firewire. When I tried another firewire it was just plug an play!!!!


Again thanks for help, and I hope that I will be able to give help to other searching people/newbies in the future!


Best wishes



(I am a little bit embarrased that I used alot of energy on such a case, but at least I learned a little on my walkabout around the net!)

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