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I have a Ranger 36 Inovativ camera cart for sale! It was a "floor model", but is pretty much brand new. Reasons you should buy my cart:

- Retail: They go for $3,155 in store pick up or $3,230 delivery. But you can buy mine for $2,900! If you can deal with a never-been-used-on-the-field, a couple cosmetic scratches cart, you save $255! Plus, there is a 6 week waiting period for these carts.

- Great design: Easy to build, use, and accessorize. I can build and tear down the cart in 28 seconds!

- Accessories: Inovativ has a lot of accessories to make your cart pimptastic. They are also compatible with backstage accessories.

- Useful: Obviously they are useful. Whether you are a Camera Assistant, Steadicam Op, Sound guy, musician, mechanic, etc.

The only reason I'm selling it is to buy a larger Inovativ Cart. I am in love with this company and their product... and you should be to!

Feel to email me: MarshallArtsPictures@gmail.com

For pictures go to:

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