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First-time colourist - how's my work? (4K short film)

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To preface this post: I apologise if this is not the place to be posting my work. I had a brief hunt on this forum for a set of dos-and-don'ts, but couldn't find one (further apologies if I'm just being dense).


I have spent the last few months (on-and-off) colour grading my latest short film - shot on 4K with a RED Epic camera - to be ready for festivals. I would really appreciate feedback from any sets of better-trained eyes as to how I've done, and if I could do better before sending it out.


I use Magic Bullet Looks because it's cheap and accessible for a first-time grader like myself. I don't actually use the 'look' presets. First, I went through each clip in the timeline, correcting the levels and adjusted the midtones so the skin tones matched the memory colours, then I stared grading in earnest.


Here's the link - it's an unlisted Youtube link, so PLEASE do not share it:




To be more specific about feedback: I'd like to know if you think the colouring looks appropriate throughout the film, if there are any moments where you notice a mistake or problem, especially if it detracts from your enjoyment/immersion in the story.


And for those who wonder why I didn't just hire a skilled colourist - I wish! This was a student project for my Masters dissertation. No money to hire a decent colourist, and whilst I know there are talented individuals out there willing to work for free, there are also plenty of amateurs. As an amateur myself, at least I have the creative control to go back and start again if it's no good the first time.


Many, many thanks to anyone who can spare the time to help me out.

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Good work, from a cinematographer's perspective, the image looks a bit "videoy", some highlights were blown out in an unpleasant way. Also there's inconsistency with colour intensity (the guys red hoodie for example), skintone is also all over the place.

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