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Arriflex 435 ES Camera Package

Colin McGuire

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I am selling my Arriflex 435 ES camera. This camera is in great condition and runs perfectly! It was well maintained and recently serviced.


The Arriflex 435 ES is a fantastic MOS film camera that has been trusted and used worldwide for years. The 435 is amazing for slow-motion, running crystal sync up to 150 fps! It's a lightweight camera, yet it's incredibly sturdy. The ES stands for electronic shutter meaning that the 435 ES can adjust its shutter electronically, which is great for speed ramping, something this camera does well.

The Arriflex 435 ES will serve you well for years to come. The camera is still highly in use today, with many directors and cinematographers choosing to shoot on it due to its high-speed capabilities, and overall compact lightweight design.

The package includes:
Arri Arriflex 435 ES Camera
Integrated Video Assist (IVS)
(3) 400' Magazines
Short Viewfinder
Long Viewfinder Extension
Heated Eyecup
Heater Cable
RCU-1 Remote Control Unit
RCU Long Cable
WL-3 Work Light
24v Plug-In Module
Carrying handle
Right Hand Grip w/Trigger
Large Flight Case
Small Flight Case
Film is a beautiful medium, and will be used to capture gorgeous cinematic images for a long time to come.
I am asking $8,500 but I am open and willing to negotiate a lower price, so make me an offer!
I am also selling an Arriflex SR3 Advanced package for $3,500 OBO. Includes 3 mags, 2 batteries, mattebox, rods, etc.
Hit me up if you're interested!





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