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  1. Harald, the difference was not 2/3rd of a stop but good 2 stops over. anyways I use manual exposure settings. good advice regarding the use of + button for filming in backlight or beaches etc. Most of Super 8 cameras are useful only if manual exposure is possible otherwise they are no good. most of them can't read modern stock's speed.
  2. I used Kodak Ektachrome 7294 cartridge on my Agfa Movexoom 10. There was a good 2 stop reading difference between my "spotmeter" and the camera meter.
  3. Hi there folks I am seriously considering selling my Arri SR3 HS body with accessories because of my left shoulder injury. I wish to know what kind of price range I should expect. There is body, batteries, mags, filters, charger, matte box with rods in two aluminium cases. I had a Zeiss 11-110 lens but its front element is cracked. I am not including it in the package.
  4. Am looking for recommendations for servicing Zeiss 11-110 zoom lens in U.K. and an ArriSR3 service.
  5. because no one knows what to do on these automated machines. 🙂 Earlier during film projections, the projectionists would diligently check the mask, lenses, brightness, etc. I mean they would be busy doing something in the projection booth. they were alert. they cared about the image.
  6. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/the-beach-bum-cinematographer-benoit-debie-master-color-1202055726/ I don't know what the budget of this film - The Beach Bum but Benoit Debie has shot it on 35 with lots of in camera effects (varicolor polariser) and spent only 4 days in a grading suite.
  7. In the production fraternity, 95% + people feel or believe that 1. Film is expensive than digital. Digital is free to shoot. 2. They look at at an Arri 435/BL4 and it doesn't inspire confidence in them when they compare it to more modern looking digital cameras . 3. In India it was the senior lot who threw in their towels in favour of digital. Surprisingly lot of younger DPs were in favour of Film. but then precedent once set by established DPs is quoted by all production personnel to shoot digital. 4. Asia is totally digital. Shooting on Film is
  8. Ay idea how much a 400 ft can of S16 EKTACHROME is going to cost? any speculation?
  9. Cinelab Massachusetts and Rob have been amazing help so far for my documentary on S16mm. I sent them all kinds of footage but of course in batch of 3-5 cans at least. They have been accommodating. Gave me a decent pricing. I still have to pay them for a couple of cans. :rolleyes: Jeremy, trouble is that with a single 100ft roll there would be pricing issues in any lab. Tyler pointed out right whether its 100ft or 1000ft initial prep is the same. I do hope you will shoot more that way you can economise.
  10. Sometimes the Xray does get through on exposed cans. My experience!
  11. A more in depth article about TETENAL. MUST READ "Even in the heyday of chemical photography, Tetenal produced chemistry for Agfa, Kodak and Ilford. Today, a hundred percent of Ilford’s and approximately 30% of Kodak’s photochemistry are produced by Tetenal," https://petapixel.com/2019/02/01/a-closer-look-at-tetenal-a-photo-firm-thats-too-important-to-fail/
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