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I was wondering what you think contributes to making a cinematographer better than average, and even truly great. In terms of not only the success of his career, but also his craft, self discipline and general habits we might learn from. Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki, Gordon Willis come to mind, but also anyone you personally admire who might not be as well known.


Share your thoughts, and also feel free to post about any time you met a cinematographer who you feel is a role model to you, and what kind of impression they made.

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Great cinematographers have a deep understanding of storytelling and a well developed point of view of how the camera, lenses, and lighting should be used to tell a particular story. Lots of guys have craft, but not many have a distinctive individual voice. You would never mistake a film shot by Chris Doyle for one shot by Roger Deakins, Bob Richardson, or Caleb Deschanel, but all are great DP's.

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