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Bolex Exposure Compensation


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Shooting a student project on the Bolex H-16 camera, I understand that 25% of light is lost by going into the viewfinder. That means that on a normal light meter it has to be compensated for right? I will be using 250D stock, would setting the ASA on the light meter to 160 compensate for this? and then could I use the light meter as normal?

Also is there any common problems or tips and tricks that might be useful for me to know before the shoot?



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It's not quite 25% - measurements on 2 models indicated more like 16~18% (I can't remember exactly but it was an even number in the teens at least)


But why trust me, I'm just another guy on the internet ;) ... maybe I measured incorrectly twice ...aaaaand anyway, 25% seems to work just fine.

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