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Color Meter question

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I'm new to handling color meters, and I picked up the Minolta Color Meter II after doing some research. It was also recommended to get it calibrated since that item can only be found used. I sent it off to QLM and it was done two days later. My question is, under CC, sometimes it'll still show 1 or 2, sometimes in the green or magenta, depending on where I am. I wanted to know if this is normal to sometimes see outside, and that it's properly calibrated.

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It shows 1 or 2 in daylight or direct sun? Or a pure tungsten unit? Have you called and asked them about it? They have been repairing meters for years for just about everyone. If they made a mistake I'm sure they would address it. But a 1 or 2 is negligible.


But buying a used color meter II is a bargain.

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