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  1. Can you just hang a large frame, or several large frames end to end, with bounce material and hit the bounce from the ground? With any type of light you want.
  2. Been using chinese lanterns for years without incident. As long as the bulbs are hanging in the middle of the lantern or you use one of the fixed bulb harps like lantern lock or other manufacturer you will be fine. A fixed harp will be better out side in the wind.
  3. The sun effect is hitting Health ledgers face but it is more of a side light, slightly back lit. Not quite a 3/4 back. I think that is usually just fine. I think where you see the sun flagged off someones face is when it more frontal. Like any typical episode of Law and Order with Sam Waterston
  4. I would say every window has at least 1-18k fresnel through it on a lift. If Janusz shot it there would be at least 2-18ks fresnels i each window. I do like Phisters work. in the dark night movies, usually one backlight and a fill light that acts as an eyelight. that's it. very simple and beautiful. Tim
  5. Interesting solution Phil. Short of a light board and a programmer, the next best thing to a Magic Gadget Flicker dimmer is a Magic Gadget Shadowmaker. https://www.magicgadgets.com/product/shadowmaker/ Just a great tool to do all sorts of random or rhythmic flickering and flashing. It has three 20 amp channels. But don't forget that when using one or 2 channels that the first channel powers up the controller. My only complaint is the still seem to build these with fuses and not breakers. It is just a terrific device for smallish flickering effects.
  6. It could work but I think the biggest x light or goya (desisti came out with the HMI "nook" light before Arri made the X) is a 4k and they are not focusable. Depending on your shooting medium and ASA you might need more than you think. You could get more light out of an HMI 4k par or HMI fresnel. Are you just bouncing or double diffusing? I would go with a bigger light and scrim it down if necessary. But thats just me.
  7. They organized a second unit shoot with no DP and no camera operator? They were playing you to save money and hoping for the best.
  8. Hey Greg, This is Tim Healy from Joker. Hope all is well by now and you are back to work. I've not had any serious health issues... But Janusz tried his best on WSS. Man does he love to light.. with everything and anything you can throw at it. Best Tim
  9. Have you read the tech specs and differences between the tubes? I would start there. The Titans are the same thing as the AX-1 but much better. They are about double the cost but you have to decide what works better for you and your jobs. From what I understand it probably has color, longer battery life, and a display that you can scroll through a bunch of the manufacturers colors like the sky panel. The AX-1 doesn't have that. They weren't originally built for film and TV. You can also set DMX numbers. It has a different cabling and power system if you are using wired DMX. They have a variety of cabling lengths available. You mentioned wireless DMX module. What is that? the Asteras can work wirelessly the app and with cintennas and wdmx. I have only had the titans in my hands once in an equipment house a few weeks ago and not on set. It is a very hot light to have if you have people around you are wowed by the latest and greatest. Before you invest in them, maybe you should just rent them and see if you like them. Also they won't be worth buying is you can't rent them to your clients. They are great lights for certain things. But there are many things the cheaper ones will work just fine. Best Tim
  10. does this help your HMI shooting speed questions? We once used these cards everyday shooting film and magnetic ballasts. Not so much shooting video and electronic ballasts everywhere. https://cinemaelec.com/flickerfree_hmi Tim
  11. I think I should clarify, when used in a big light like a Dino, one would not change the connectors. So a Dino usually has 6-60 amp connectors. One connector powering 4 120v 1k bulbs. If you replace with ACLs, one 60amp plug can easily power 20 amps worth of ACLs. The breakers never trip. Other big lights may even have camlock so a piece of 5 wire banded would power up a large light.
  12. Not hypothetical. Was done a lot in 90’s with Mole Richardson Dino Lights. Vittoria Storaro still does it with some of his lights. Tim
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