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RetroRoadTrips - the Super 8 film diary of Elliott Bristow

Andries Molenaar

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A really nice recommendation for the Christmas days.
To give away as present or to watch it yourself!

I have a full PAL DVD set for sale at Euro 20. Which should be handy when you are in Europe.

Saves on customs duties too.


Should you be in a hurry then the site has a download facility too :)






Elliott Bristow kept a Super 8 film diary documenting his 500,000 mile road trip around America, amassing 75 hrs of footage during this 14 year journey (1968-1982). The original inspiration for this trek was Jack Kerouac's book On The Road, which Elliott first read in 1958.
Over the ensuing years there have been various ways this diary has been presented: a 4 screen travelling film show in the 1970's, a 6x30' television series called Road Dreams in 1989, then DVD sales of short films over these last five years, and now an ebook for the iPad or Mac, which provides over 50 minutes of video, 330 stills and 33 pages of road stories. This book - Road Dreams an American Adventure - is on sale from the iTunes Bookstore or iBookstore (see the link above the book cover image), with sample pages available on Facebook. All these forms of presentation are part of the long term aim to produce a full length film of this story - Codachrome - a time of road dreams - utilising the full range of material from the Road Dreams archive.



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Hey Andries, 

Hope you are well.

I found this old post when searching online everywhere for the complete set of these 6 films.

You don't still have this set for sale do you? (I realize its a total long shot as its from years ago ?

I tried on Eliots website with no luck (no link for the dvd set and he never responded.)

Its my wife's very favourite series. Regardless thanks for looking!


P.S. you might dig this website - https://www.folkstreams.net/films?

lots of similar stuff. Beautiful little films. Website is a bit clunky - you have to click the small numbers at bottom of numbers

(26 pages of films but only displays about 3 rows of films per page)


All the best and Take Care,

Micah Moore




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