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  1. Check if it can be transported by the camera. I.e. not locked. Put a markt on the film and see it moves away with a brief shot in camera.
  2. People want easy filming to become next Spielberg. Dedication is not so strong that they will carry and use tripod ?
  3. Good to have usable images. That is however not really fixing it ? The scanning shoudl adopt another strategy for locating the frames.
  4. Many scanner setups align the frames using the perforations. This was never meant to be used like that. First of all the perf of a frame is three frames down the strip. There is variation in the perf's position and thus the images will become shaky when the perfs are aligned perfectly. It easy to observe these days as so many publish super-8 with overscan to impress the audience with their good taste and money spent ? It were best to align on a mark at the edge or a corner of a frame. The VIC scientific camera exposed a small dot near the edge to allow measurements with a fixed reference point.
  5. Very dynamic with a most recent post from 2020. The super8.nl 20th anniversary ?
  6. It seems a/the super-8 group on facebook has a large membership. Andreas posted there a number of times. So he must have an account. It is not his group.
  7. They are a manufacturer and this a new product. It is not an old recut stock from elsewhere. Having a lower ISO like 100 or 200 should really be an enrichment of their portfolio. And our EU film industry.
  8. Don't open it. It is just too much intrusion. Just give it a power-supply through the DIN plug at the rear where the grip connects.
  9. Well, that looks beautiful. Well done, a lot of detailed labor which pays off!
  10. Likely it has a trimmer to set the speed properly. The question is if the 24 fps is in reach of the trimmer. Otherwise things get more difficult. When opening this camera isn't enough difficulty ? . Other cameras have been modified from 18 to 24 fps simply by adjusting the speed-regulator. No need to swap the motor or to soup up the power of the batteries ?
  11. This happens rather often with these Silvery Nizo. Some components detoriate in the trigger/run circuit, likely a electrolyte capacitor. A trick is to set to single frame and have on a intervalometer (or manual) and have it triggered for several hunderd frames. Somehow this will revive the component.
  12. I am using my cartridges from stock. Mostly. How real are these troubles with today Kodak cartridges? Haven't they found the problem yet and resolved it? The cause of super-8 jitter is either the cartridge is feeding to difficult or the pick-up drive of the camera has its friction too tight. Or are there other causes?
  13. I rented out an Nikon R10 for that once. Incredible footage from that machine when using proper film and skilled people in a studio. No need to find another camera.
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