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  1. Interesting to see you run a lab. www.johnsalimphotographic.co.uk Is this in full operation? I.e. also the odd films like MINOX? Too bad the brexit is going to uproot all cross border exchange.
  2. Certainly nice stills. Could go as intended photographs 🙂 That is a skill! Like Eliot Bristo on his US tour in the 70-ies
  3. Seems to me to blame it on the cartridge 😞
  4. ST-1 is nice when filming from tripod and it gives some extra functions. THe standard battery box alos doubles as a forehead support. When filming handheld it is convenient to have an original batteryholder, with cushion pad 🙂
  5. Maybe just try? Although that is difficult with rare items.
  6. Possibly the feeler near the filmgate has been bent. Otherwise part of the mechanism parts inside are stuck.
  7. That is about it 🙂 Make sure it is smooth and mind the springs and feelers who protrude through the gate metal at several positions.
  8. Good luck. Fomapan R100 makes for very beautiful images. Very nice in projection. The bleach in the original Foma kit is one-shot Kalium-Permanganat. The film gives off a lot of grit during bleaching. Careful when mixing! Strong acid involved. GLoves and glasses required.
  9. the 7008 with sd-8 is in several scenes. It looked like one with 6-180mm from a certain angle but from another it seems more like a telephoto on an adapter.
  10. Here is the 6-180mm zoom in action, in its own time: 50 min of docu on S8
  11. Interesting, spend an hour 🙂 Docu on S8 history With real life contemporair Schneider-Kreuznach 6-180mm f/1.8 Variogon lens for Beaulieu Super 8 camera in action, along with SD-8 magazine. A ton of equipment. Not to mention the film charge.
  12. Qualtiy of Kahl films was variable and often poor. It is expired material, poorly perforated and sloppy packaging. Often you get 12 rather than 15 metres and riddled with particles or hair(s). Kahl has ceased film production. Odd enough. They limit themselves to scanning now. If you want a material for future use, don't count on this product.
  13. It seems that without much ado filmshooting has reopend after 1,5 year 🙂 https://www.filmshooting.com/forum/index.php Times have changed quite a bit. Here and there lots of yapping and santo wars. Otherwise plenty good documenting threads from a time when people still typed full sentences 🙂 And even paragraphs. Now see if super8man's website will be online again.
  14. Because she/they is/are their own boss? If it must play on 4K TV too they might want to have a reasonble image. Standard S8 may look good for family S8 material but Perry must please more people 🙂
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