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Transvideo Hirose to Arri Minimonitor for Y/c + power feed


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Hi All,


I'm falling short on that topic and decided to post here after trying to put informations together unsuccessfully.


The general concept is to be buy an old onboard standard video monitor (for the Arri IVS / SR-3 camera) and feed it power and video by one cable only. I know I can always use a BNC composite interface + separate power, but I'd like to know more about the nuts and bolts anyway.


I suspect the name for the Mini Monitor connector ont he IVS is a Lemo 4 pin. I gradually got to understand that this connection was used by Transvideo on the starlite monitor, or on others via a the Hirose connector (Cine 3 or a rainbow 2). I wonder if it would be possible to input a y/c (so better quality than composite, but is it really worth the hustle ?) + power (12V) (only one cable in the end) from the camera using the mini-monitor port and a cable connecting to a Hirose 10 or 6 (whether it's the Cine 3 or rainbow 2). I think the Mini-Monitor out on the IVS doesn't do Y/c (but might be wrong) but so to get Y/c+power I'd have to make a breakout cable from the Hirose to 1bnc Y / 2 bnc C / RS connector (Lemo 2 ?).


Does anyone have experience with this 10+ years old technology and could comment (any advices on the choice between the rainbow 2 or the Cine 3 by the way) ?


Looking forward to reading from you,



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