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  1. Looking for the aforementioned kit.
  2. Or, I calculated that in Low Light setting, the X008 Beaulieus are 1/4Ø slower than the fastest low light super 8 with a 75/25 prism. There, done 😄
  3. Did some more research over the weekend and calculated the following, which could help you set your light meter: Beaulieu X008 Cameras have the equivalent shutter angle of 100° in normal mode and 144° in LL mode. On other cameras, once we factor in the 0.75 transmittance due to the beam splitter, the calculated shutter angle would range from 142.5° to 172.5°. I was interested in doing this exercise to understand whether Low Light super-8 cameras could bring in more light to the film than other film cameras with a max shutter opening of 180° like my 16SR3, but it appears they don't. That is, if I didn't f*ck anything up in my spreadsheets, ahem. 😅
  4. Also found this in a white paper written by @Michael Lehnert Beaulieu is known for being the only manufacturer to incorporate mirror reflex shutter systems in Super 8 cameras. Normally, Super 8 cameras use a beamsplitter or prism of varying optical quality that diverts 75% of the incoming light onto the film and 25% into the viewfinder. Obviously, that approach somewhat compromises both usages, especially under bad light conditions. Beaulieu's unique patent solution is a typically French invention: a guillotine (up and down) shutter with a 45° mirror that – as Beaulieu brochures proclaim like a mantra – lets alternatingly 100% light onto the film and 100% light into the viewfinder. Due to the required timing of the alternating phases of the guillotine shutter, the maximum exposure time at 24 fps is 1 /86 sec ( 1 /87 sec for 25 fps). As this is shorter than in most other Super 8 cameras, the shorter exposure time gives the impression of producing sharper pictures: motions do look more accentuated and static shots much crisper. In effect, the guillotine shutter leads to a higher fidelity reproduction of what is being filmed for both the viewer in presentations and the camera operator on location.
  5. Hey Trev, Here's what I found for your camera. should help you set your meter right.
  6. I have some magazine footage scales for the 416s and the SRs available for sale. $35, just hit me up.
  7. Any 416/SR3 fiber screens available for sale with markings other than 1.78?
  8. Thanks Dan, and thanks for the kind words. I've thought about side options for the tape hook. Will include that in my next iteration.
  9. I'll have a working proto for the non-IVS handle by Feb. 21st. I'll update the post then with more details about the rigging of the side plate too, thanks for your interest Cole.
  10. Fellow filmmakers, I've been working on this for a while, having too much time on hand like many of us for the last 9 months and a couple colleagues encouraged me to share where I was at with this project. I have a side plate and a top handle extension to offer for $220 and $280 respectively. I designed this coming from my experience as an AC and operator with my own package and many others. I tried to think of where I'd like the stuff sit on and around the camera and placed "the matter" where it was needed to achieve that and nowhere else. No generic statements, square plates with copy/paste tapped holes, or unnecessary weight. Here's what my design aims at doing: SIDE PLATE: clearing space below the side plate for users who have the DC/DC2 box or the DCC109 clearing access to pitch adjust and rosette Mounts on the IVS cold shoe or directly on the body depending on your choice speed up your workflow with the steadicam operators by simply pulling the side plate with all the gac on it and remount it on when needed top edge of side plate sits at the right distance to offer mounting an MDR right on top of the mag and swing it away with UL arms or a short noga when changing mags back mounting point ideal for Teradek, same for the middle top one. front top mounting point ideal for a forward mounting of AC monitor top front mounting point ideal for a motor rod. clears VF in all positions on assistant side TOP HANDLE works with IVS video handle or default handle or elbow handle depending on your choice at puchase (WIP) offers 4 3/8" and 2 1/4" on top, one 3/8" per side doesn't obstruct any of the moving parts of the camera like the VF Tape hook at film plane (I've always hated how you have to go around the VF on operator side or under the IVS cable on AC side) Alternate design with an ultra low profile available for users who have clearance issues in their cases or want the bare minimum which is 3 top 3/8" instead of 4 and the rest is the same. Targeting mid-spring to fulfill first orders. Money accepted in Euros or USD. No minimum quantity or order shenanigans of the sort. Any comments welcome, still able to work feedback in. Hope to get a fully accessorized package in picture with my designs by end of winter.
  11. The future of film isn't just in the hands of the manufacturer of the recording medium. Half of the the celluloid budget goes to getting film processed and scanned. And that's with a friendly price. Kodak will continue to exist as a company for a while. Will they abandon their film division? Maybe. Like someone pointed out it's poorly managed, they stopped caring about smaller projects making a lot of filmmakers feel like poop when reaching out because they're no Chris Nolan or Tarantino. Kodak is so slow to adapt that it's probable they'll have plenty of film for you to purchase and no lab that's close enough or affordable enough for you to take the film you shot using their product to the finish line. A lot of small LA based shoots still ship to a lab in Mass. because it's cheaper than some L.A. labs including transportation and associated risks. So Kodak will survive COVID. Will the small labs too? Not sure. It'll all depend on local orders to restrict business, the timing of that state by state, etc. We might as well end up with just Kodak and Fotokem, a couple mobile labs, all for big bucks productions and the story stops here. 5 DPs a year shooting over the length of Sunset Boulevard on a production week and the rest buying film grain packages to overlay on their dailies until they realize the highlights are gone anyways and the skin tone isn't quite there yet. 😘
  12. I second Bruce. No need for IR correction on film. Opt for a piece of actual glass tinted in the mass, like a tiffen, schneider, century etc.
  13. Most of it is listed on eBay as individual items, but should anyone be interested in buying bundles, please reach out with an offer. The package was serviced last in Spring 2019 and the IVS this January. I'm passionate about 16 and I've taken great care of all of the items listed below. It's taken me many years to get all of these parts together at a decent price. Batteries and chargers being the trickiest and it all works really well now. VIDEO IVS (PAL) Video Handle Relay Optics Inserter/Antiflicker Module CCD, R/S and ZV-4 cables (no beam-splitter included) AJA V2Digital (I have two for sale) One includes an AJA power in to D-tap Cable Works well with the IVS and Teradeks Transvideo Starlite 4" Onboard Monitor Purchased Summer 2019 Arri Mini Monitor Cable (Fischer-4) Pelican Transport Case TV-Logic 5.6" Onboard Monitor Includes Mini XLR-4 to D-tap cable Original camera handle and prism Non video / non optic handle Original 100% viewfinder prism ONBOARD POWER SR3 Tilt Battery Mount - Piggyback works well, no issues, the spring is still strong DCC109 12/24V 60W Power Box Power Box with 1x Fischer-11 and 2x Fischer-3 Fischer-11 to 4x D-Tap cable 1.5Ah NiCd Onboard Batteries Re-celled spring 2019 Reconditionned jan 2020 Housed in Original ARRI NC24/1.2 Shells 4.0Ah NiMH Onboard battery Purchased summer 2018 Reconditionned Jan 2020 CHARGERS 0.5A NiCd/NiMH 4-way Charger Custom made Jan 2020 Chargers 4 bays simultaneously and independently Appropriate Charging Rate (2 to 5hrs charge time) for packs up to 2.7Ah. Other chargers (1A-3A charging current) kept frying my cells, which is why I had this one made for me. XLR-4 interface 4 Charging cables included Lentequip QC-X4 4-way Charger All functions work Charges 2 batteries at a time at 2A Charges 1 battery at a time at 3A Not appropriate for packs under 2.7Ah XLR-4 interface All charging cables provided ARRI NCL 1.2 Dual Charger 175mA charging current Modified for an XLR-4 interface Comes with 2 charging cables MAGS TC (nonHS) mags I have up to three mags I might part with depending on the offers. LENS & CAMERA CONTROL Chrosziel Dual follow-focus with one knob Brand new, unused purchased 2019 ARRI original right hand trigger with fischer-3 coiled cable
  14. 12V power through a fischer-11 accessory power plug and 2x 24V through fischer-3 connectors. Fischer-11 to 4xD-Tap splitter. Up to 60W power with E3/4 SR3 camera bodies. Used on shoots with Teradek, AJA converter box, Tilta Nucleus-M and TV Logic 5.6" monitor without any issues so far. DM me with offers.
  15. I'm selling my IVS (gecko cam handle). Last service date feb 2020. IVS video Handle IVS relay optics with iris Antiflicker/Inserter Module complete with fastening screws and dove-tail Fischer3/Fischer3 cable CCD cable ZV4 cable The system works perfectly, fps readings, flicker-free at all speeds and frameline generator ok. Optics are clear Please note I don't have a beam splitter available for sale at this time. DM me with offers.
  16. 3x 1.5Ah SR3 OnBoard Batteries and 4 way simultaneous fast charger (0.5A). Batteries re-celled spring 2019 and housed in the original ARRI NC24/1.2 shells. Charger and cables custom made Jan 2020. Batteries and charger separately available for sale on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223942571019 https://www.ebay.com/itm/223942574445 Or as a pack here. DM me for offers
  17. PAL IVS, video handle and Image processor Transvideo Starlite 4" ultra britght monitor with mini monitor connection to the IVS AJA V2Digital 2 to 3 SR-3 mags ARRI DCC109 w/ fischer-11 to D-tap splitter
  18. Also have the original Slow Dual Charger from Arri available for sale if anyone's interested
  19. Hi there, I'm selling a Lentequip QC-X4 charger with all the cables and one Lentequip 4.0Ah NiMH battery (the kind that has an extra 3-pin for unregulated power). The charger is in good working condition and behaves as it should with both Lente and non Lente packs. The battery was purchased a little over a year ago and used mildly. Recently reconditionned with a deep discharge / charge cycle. I'm also considering selling my 0.5A Quad Charger with all the cables and 4x 1.5Ah NiCd batteries housed in the original ARRI NCL1.2/24 battery shells. Re-celled last year, and recently reconditioned as well. DM me for offers.
  20. Hi there, I'm selling a Lentequip QC-X4 charger with all the cables and one Lentequip 4.0Ah NiMH battery (the kind that has an extra 3-pin for unregulated power). The charger is in good working condition and behaves as it should with both Lente and non Lente packs. The battery was purchased a little over a year ago and used mildly. Recently reconditionned with a deep discharge / charge cycle. I'm also considering selling my 0.5A Quad Charger with all the cables and 4x 1.5Ah NiCd batteries housed in the original ARRI NCL1.2/24 battery shells. Re-celled last year, and recently reconditioned as well. DM me for offers.
  21. Talked to Alan Rencher today, seems like they're thinking of manufacturing an all included adapter piece sometime next year so they wouldn't require a Lentequip back anymore.
  22. Also, I just came across this company. http://www.avc-gmbh.de/AVCE/html/srpacke.htm It's basically what Lentequip does, except they don't have a quad charger. I don't know how the prices compare. I just found a 0.5A NiCd charger that's not a movie product but has a reasonable spec sheet here in California. I'll swap the barrel connector for a 4-pin XLR so I can use the charging cables I have already and we'll see where that goes. If anyone has feedback on the charging current issue, that would still be helpful. I'm trying to figure out if that's what the problem is, or if it's that maybe the cells I ended up with in the re-cell job I ordered earlier this year were bad. They're 1.5Ah cells and the charging current of the Lentequip charger I have is 2 or 3 amps (1.3C-2C charging current). The battery pack manufacturer says that fast charging is just a bad idea all in all and that the charger is unsuitable for these capacities, the charger manufacturer tells me his charger can charge low capacity cells no problem 😕
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