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Using slow speed stocks (50D) for more contrast?

Connor Adam

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I have read in several places that slower stocks yield a more contrasty look. Does anybody have any experience with this? Would Kodak 50D be noticeably more contrasty than, say, 250D?


I am shooting a scene during an overcast day and am thinking that using 50D over 250D would give the image more contrast, as I am worried that the light may look too flat on the actor's faces. Alternatively, might it be better to go with a less contrasty stock and reserve option to add contrast in the grade?

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From my experience shooting in England in winter, I would defiantly skip the 50D as you might find yourself struggle to get good exposure in times when you want to close the lens to say T4 or so.


I would actually consider shooting on the 200T which is really fine in grain or the 250D, and overexpose by 2/3-1 stop, getting tighter grain.


Contrast is easily achieved in post, the differences between the stocks are not that great, If you like a slightly punchier stock maybe try the Fuji Vivid 160T, Frame24 are actually doing clearance on that stock and sell it very cheaply.


Also, bare in mind that on 16mm or super16, sharpness is also important not only grain, and it's not only due to the stock but a lot of it have to do with the lenses used and in what T-stop. the Zeiss super speed primes 1.3T around 2.8T will give nice sharpness, but there are some other options (not too many actually).

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