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Canon 11-165mm, PL (Super16) - Is it a 'modern' lens?

Phil Soheili

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I have the opportunity to get a (super16 converted) Canon 11-165mm (PL) for a very reasonable price.


I previously used the 10-100 Angénieux on my Super16 SR2 but was somewhat disappointed with the image quality

(in terms of contrast and sharpness). The man at the lab put it simply (but perfectly):

"It was ok in the 80s, but it simply doesn't meet today's expectations of focus, contrast and all-over look."


I was wondering if anybody had experiences with this lens, or even footage (16mm) that could be shared.

I am not sure if testing the lens is of great use to me, since my only reference is the Angénieux and I guess

it won't be hard to "beat" it.


Will one be able to tell the difference between images from this lens and those aqcuired with primes on Super16mm?

Will this lens meet our 'modern' expectations?


Thank you and a good day to all.

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Hi Phil,

Yes it's a modern lens. I own and use Canon 7-63mm f2.6 and that is the twin of 11-165m, the wider one

it's completely superb zoom lens, one of best ever made for super16. It's not converted as you wrote, but properly designed for super16. You can get as much sharpness of it, as this format is capable of deliver

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And regarding primes, I think that technically they are equal. But the zoom has got other overall look, mainly because of depth of field - it's 2.8 and you should close iris one stop so technically you're shooting at f4 but with primes at f2 (Zeiss superspeeds T1.3)

But I haven't used zoom and primes side by side at exact the same aperture,

Anyway it's really a great zoom.

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