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REQ: Bolex H16EL Service Repair Manual.

Muhammad Usman Khaild

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Hi Can anyone share the service manual for Bolex H16EL version, as i found on internet but not successful, i bought this camera and i have managed to power it, when i press the battery test white button, the light lit, but the camera don't work, sometimes a relay like sound heard when i press the shutter button, so i need some professional advise to fix this issue, i am sure it will be fixed, as it was never been used since 1995, and kept in the box.so i think it was stuck, and need some new oil and grease to get this beast work again.


Thanks in advance.


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Can't hurt to see, so unscrew the plate on the base (4 large flat heads). Pry the plate off (it'll be gummed in quite well over time).


Test the fuse in there, if blown replace with the spare fuse that might still be in there.


Also if I recall, that behavior happened when I had a dodgy connection in the power connector. Try (carefully) wiggling it about at both ends to see if the connection is almost but not quite.

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It appears to be a Mark III EL camera that you have and so I think you do not have to open up the base in order to get at the fuse. Just below the three connection plugs shown in your picture there is a fuse cap in the side of the base.You access the fuse by removing this cap. That having been said, I would have thought that the fuse is OK because you say you are getting the appropriate result when you press the battery check button on the back of the camera. It is possible that if you are not using a battery which is in good condition, the battery might be holding enough charge to allow you to get a positive reading when you press the test button, but not enough to get the camera to run. Before going further, therefore, I suggest that you check the condition of your battery and make sure that it is holding a good charge. The fact that you are getting a "clunk" sound when you try to operate the camera suggests that the fuse is OK and that it may just be that the battery is the problem. Try this.

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Thanks Robert.and Chris... you are right, i have tested the fuse and its perfect, and for the battery, its totally dead, and i un soldered the power wire from the battery and connected it directly with my 12 v dc adopter, which i think is 2.5A as stated on its output, and i think it does not produce much power to power the camera motor., the batery came with the camera is totally damaged, and it was 0.8Ah i have opened and it is equipped with 10 x AA batteries, 1.2v and 80mAh each, and now i am planning to equip it with fresh batteries, each battery is 1000 mAh, so i hope when 10 batteries will combine they will produce good Ah power. The power charger is also not working, so i will replace the inner circuit with some new more powerful circuit which will be able to charge new high power batteries. I hope this is the main problem that the camera is not getting enough power to get start.,, I will check and update here...

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