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  1. Thanks for your reply, actually i am filming but without anamorphic attachments, as its really hard to focus both at a time. Thats why i just asked that i got this lens from someone who even don't know what it is. and i have also tried to find something similar on google but was not able to find that. I sold many anamorphic lenses including (Schneider, isco, sankor, sun, kowa, Super 80 Magnum) etc etc, all lenses have some info on the internet except this Prima 16-D ..
  2. Thanks for your reply, actually i am not into film making or anamorphic shooting, i am only a ebay seller, and buying all the stuff for sale. As i was not able to found any info about this lens, so it will be listed in RARE Categories :), i ahve already listed Kowa Prominar 8-Z Anamorphic lens too. it was great.
  3. Its also a great cine lens in budget. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-SOM-BERTHIOT-PAN-CINOR-38-155mm-f-3-8-Zoom-lens-WT-Arriflex-Standard-Mount-/162041898500?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  4. Hi i have recently found this piece of lens from a film guy, i searched a lot but found nothing about that. i am attaching pictures so maybe you have some knowledge about that. Its name is ( Prima Anamorphic 16-P ) according to my understanding. i have tested the lens by just placing infront of my manual 55mm prime lens and its produces nice golden flares. let me know about this lens, if anyone have some info. Thanks
  5. Yes bought it Kern Vario 12.5-100 Lens and Aspheron 6.5mm adapter, plus shutter release and Case. :)
  6. Dear Robert, thanks a lot for your help, yes the exposure button is stuck down, and is very loose, maybe something is broken inside , thats why it just fall down, i have tried to open the camera to make it clean and oil some mechanical parts, but the screws are too hard, . about the batery, well before it was equipped with 10x AA batteries with 0.8 Mah and now i have equipped it with 10x AA Batteries with each battery = 1000 mAh, so it has good power, When i simply insert the battery lead, and press the battery check white button, the red light lits continuously until i unpress, and when i insert the battery charger in the battery and insert in the camera again, then i press the battery check button, and it lits and then goes off after some time, so what does it mean.? well for more test purpose, i have tested the camera on a big TRUCK battery which holds about 200W and 12 Volts, and the camera performs the same action. I thought that maybe something is jammed, and with high power it will be fixed, but everything is same. if you have some guide to disassemble the camera then it will be great. or maybe some video reference, so i will check this and try to fix this.. or else i will sale it AS IS on ebay. What do you suggest, as in my country there is no technician who is able to fix this camera, or even know about this great camera. Thanks a lot..
  7. Hi, i got this beautiful BOLEX H16 EL, MKIII, first of all please confirm that if its MKII or MKIII Version, ? Well i am having a issue to start this camera, i have managed to rebuild the battery with more powerful cells, and now its full ready, when i attach it with my camera, and press the shutter, all i get is 2 red lights with a (- and +) in the viewfinder, and after little time, the camera sounds little, like it moves the film part just a little and stops, and the lights gone, i have locked the shutter pressed and then i am plugging and unplugging the battery component, every time it moves a little and then shut down, in the attached picture i have mentioned an arrow and a red circle on the part which rotates once and then camera shut down, so can any technical guy can explain me what is this issue.? i think the camera is not damaged, as it powers on, and then off after rotating one frame. i turned all the speed but the same behavior for all speeds. So what i am basically missing.? do i have to insert the reel to make it work.? or what.? I will also try to put a video for clear views. But kindly guide me. or if someone have made any video for running this camera then please share. or any service manual if it needs service. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Robert.and Chris... you are right, i have tested the fuse and its perfect, and for the battery, its totally dead, and i un soldered the power wire from the battery and connected it directly with my 12 v dc adopter, which i think is 2.5A as stated on its output, and i think it does not produce much power to power the camera motor., the batery came with the camera is totally damaged, and it was 0.8Ah i have opened and it is equipped with 10 x AA batteries, 1.2v and 80mAh each, and now i am planning to equip it with fresh batteries, each battery is 1000 mAh, so i hope when 10 batteries will combine they will produce good Ah power. The power charger is also not working, so i will replace the inner circuit with some new more powerful circuit which will be able to charge new high power batteries. I hope this is the main problem that the camera is not getting enough power to get start.,, I will check and update here...
  9. Hi Can anyone share the service manual for Bolex H16EL version, as i found on internet but not successful, i bought this camera and i have managed to power it, when i press the battery test white button, the light lit, but the camera don't work, sometimes a relay like sound heard when i press the shutter button, so i need some professional advise to fix this issue, i am sure it will be fixed, as it was never been used since 1995, and kept in the box.so i think it was stuck, and need some new oil and grease to get this beast work again. Thanks in advance.
  10. please can anyone share the service manual for Bolex H16 EL .? Thanks
  11. But the lens which i have is the auto version, which takes batteries to operate, and has a weird square aperture, which i think will never work without inserting the batteries in the lens. as its not like the one in the picture above. so is there any possibility to still use this auto lens with mirrorless cameras.? and to control the aperture manually, but again its a square aperture, not he round standard aperture like other lenses.
  12. Thanks Mark for your reply, please check the image, my lens has a mount like this, and i am not sure which mount is this,
  13. Hi mates, i have a Kern-Vario Switar 12.5-100 f2 PTL with Auto zoom and exposure, i need to know that is it possible to use this lens manually on a dslr.? by mounting.? and also i need some instruction manual for this lens, the aperture seems to be weird, 2 blades, and also not moving, as i dont have the battery inside the lens, so kindly someone guide me some basics about this lens and also if there is some proper manual then it will e a great help. Thanks
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