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Editing & cc challenges of using 2 cameras - C100 & BMCC 4K

Raj Kowoski

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Shooting a feature in 3 weeks and ironing out the workflow as suggested by a few folks on this board.


Final workflow I have is:


1. Shoot c-log on Canon (24fps) and Prores 4K (24fps) on BMCC.

2. Pick the best shots and have colorist color\grade them to match desired look in DaVinci. (I know this is an overkill but adds simplicity and round trips)

3. Export color corrected footage in high-res .mov format.

4. Import footage in FCP X. Lay audio. Edit. Add FX, Transitions, Titles etc..Edit Lock.

5. Export Audio file. Send it out for Post Sound mix. ALong with Burnt Timecodes .mov file.

6. Audio creates DM&E tracks and provides a final master mixed sound file.

7. Lay final audio file. Export master out.



1. C100 image size is 1920 x 1080 while BMCC 4K is 3840 x 2160. For editing in FCP, what should base template be? If I use 4K, c100 image would stretch out to fill the size. If I use C100 frame as baseline, 4k image will shrink to match. Any advise?


2. Any issues to expect since source footage if from 2 sources or would my colorist know how to deal? ANything I can do to make his life easier..


Many thanks - raj

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