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Barco DP90 Projector For Sale

Rick Anderson

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Asking 55k

Lens, 1.45-1.8:1
Anamorphic Lens 1.25x w/motorized mount
Lamp 3kW, short arc

Light output 12,000 cinema lumens Digital MicroMirror Device™ 3 x 1.2” dark metal type
Advanced DLP Cinema™ signal processing: CineCanvas™ image management;
CinePallette™ color management, CineBlack™ contrast management and CineLink™
security management Native resolution 2048 x 1080 Housing Hermetically sealed DMD™ and optical assembly Screen Width

Screen width (screen gain 1:8) @ 14ftL: 17m - 55ft
adjustable light output
CLO software

Mounting Standing or ceiling mounted
Up to 7 degrees tilt via projection head Lamp 1.5k to 4.0k Xenon arc lamp sizes
Compatible with standard and high performance lamp types Contrast ratio 2000:1 Digital Video Inputs 2 x SMPTE 292M inputs£
2 x DVI input
both selectable as single or as dual link Prime lenses M25 1.25 - 1.45:1 / M25 1.45 - 1.8:1 / M25 1.8 - 2.2:1 / M25 2.2 - 3.0:1 zoom and M25 3.0 - 4.3:1 Projector diagnostics

Via touch screen
Via D-Cine Communicator control software
(theater edition delivered standard on every product)
Via SNMP agent

Power requirements 1 x 220V
max. 17,000 BTU/hr (with 4kW lamp) Dimensions projector:
640(H) x 730(W) x 1186.1(D) mm / 24.2(H) x 28.7(W) x 46.7(D) inch

295.3(H) x 329.5(W) x 473.7(D) mm / 14.6(H) x 13.0(W) x 18.6(D) inch Weight projector: approx. 125kg (275lb)
powerbox: approx. 20kg (44lb) Options
  • CLO - Constant Light Output control
  • Anamorphic lens fitting for 1.25:1 scope lens
  • Acsar 2 Alternative Content Input Processor
  • ImagePRO HD
  • SNMP agent (v3)


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