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  1. Hi Maxime, Are you still looking to purchase the Canon 11-165? R
  2. Hello Maxime, We may have a Canon 11-165. Can you please send your email to sales@broadcastsolutions.com. Best, Rick
  3. For Sale: NEW LISTINGS: Arri Alexa Mini Package ARRI Certified, License-RAW,4:3,Library Hr-3224 $47K ARRI UWZ 9.5-18mm T2.9 Ultra Wide Zoom Lens $36KLomo 40-120 Front Element Anamorphic Zoom T3 $30KArri/Zeiss Master Primes Lens Set Includes:14/18/21/25/27/32/35/40/50/65/75/100/135/150mmArriflex 435ES 4 Perf Camera Package Complete Kit Excellent ConditionCINEMA LENSES:Kowa Anamorphic Set Rehoused P&S Technik Includes: 40/50/75/100mm $79KCooke Anamorphic Set Includes: 25/32/40/50/75/100mm Cooke Anamorphic Set Includes: 32/50/75/100mm $108KCooke S4 Lens Set: 14/18/21/25/32/40/50/75/100/1
  4. Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.Prime lensesArri Master primes - 18, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75 and 100 - metric scalesCooke S4 classic (not i) 14, 18, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm - metric and imperialArri Ultra Prime 10, 14, 16, 2x20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 50, 65, 85, 100 and 135mm - metricCooke Speed Panchro TLS 18, 25, 32, 50, 75mm - metricCooke Speed Panchro TLS 18,25,32,40,50,75mm - Imperial or metricTokina Vista 18, 25, 35, 50 and 85mmZeiss B-Speed (MkI, Opton version) 18, 25, 35, 50 and 85mmZeiss Super Speed MKIII uncoated 18,25,35,50,85 and 135(T2)Zeiss Steal
  5. Hello Moritz, 125.00 for the 16mm and 175.00 for the 35mm plus shipping. Best, rick
  6. For Sale : Fuji 35 & 16mm 400ft. stock new & sealed. Stored in a temperature controlled environment. Purchased new in 2011 & 2012.
  7. Need to buy Cooke S4i Mini Lens Set URGENT! Contact sales@broadcastsolutions.com with pricing and details.
  8. Hello Cathal, There are three available right now. Please send your email to sales@broadcastsolutions.com and I'll send over pictures. Best, Rick
  9. Arriflex 435ES Camera Package $12K US Includes: - 435ES Camera Body s/n:7159 - 4-Perforation Movement - NTSC Color Video Assist - Camera Grip Hangle System - Arriflex F-3 Swing-Over Finder - Wide Angle Eyepiece - Wide Angle Eyecup - Arriflex FE-3 Finder Extension - Arriflex EL-3 Eyepiece Leveler - (6) 400-ft ARRIMAG 120 Magazines - Arriflex RCU-1 Remote Control Unit - On/Off Pistol Grip - Shoulder Pad - Arriflex BP-3 Bridge Plate (15mm) - Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods - (2) Camera Power Cable - Power Cable Extension - RCU Cable - RCU Exten
  10. 2- Phantom Flex 2K packages for sale. Details below 1.Price $30K Package is not located in the US VR Phantom Flex 2K 32GB 2 x 512 mags Audio box Camera top handle Camera bottom plate Power adaptor – slight damage but working Power cable Mag cinestation PCIE card and cable Rain Cover 2. Price $20K Package is not located in the US VR Phantom Flex 2.5K 32GB VR0111 S/N 1069 PL Mount EF Mount F Mount 1x Cinemag 256 VRI-P65FL-256GIG VR0410 9533 1x CineStation VR01107938 10GB
  11. Library Look license included. Price : $39,000 US Below is the list of items included. K1.0003873 Alexa mini body Hours : 3886 K2.0003216 Titanium PL LDS Mount K2.0005861 Viewfinder
  12. For Sale : Lomo 40-120 Front Element Anamorphic Zoom T3 $30,000.00 US
  13. For Sale : ARRI UWZ 9.5-18mm T2.9 Ultra Wide Zoom PL, FT $36,000.00 US Excellent Condition Includes: Lens Support Foot, Support Post, Zoom Stick, Zoom Stick Bracket, 134mm Front Lens Cap, 156mm Lens Cap, Lens Hood, 156mm Lens Hood, Jason Case
  14. For Sale: NEW LISTINGS: Stereo Matched For 3D Work 16-42 & 30-80 LensesAngenieux Optimo DP 16-42 Zoom Lens Qty.-2 $8K EachAngenieux Optimo DP 30-80 Zoom Lens Qty.-2 $8K EachSigma Cine Lens Set Includes: 14/20/24/35/50/85/135mm Like New ConditionArri/Zeiss Master Prime 100mm New Condition $25KArri/Zeiss MasterPrime 27mm $18K Arri Ultra Primes Lens Set Includes: 16/24/32/50/75/100mm $44K Arri/Fuji Alura 18-80 Zoom Lens $14KCINEMA LENSES:Kowa Anamorphic Set Rehoused P&S Technik Includes: 40/50/75/100mm $79KKowa Prominar TLS Set Includes: 20/25/32/40/50/75/100mmCooke Anamorphic
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