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Barger as Sapce Light?

Matt Schleicher

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Hey All,


Quick rigging question. I'm shooting something that specifically requires (for reasons pertaining to the location) us to use Barger 6 lights as a spacelight system, rather than standard mole 6k socapex spacelight. Anyone have experience rigging a 6 light toppy from a lighting grid? What do I need to do this? The yoke looks like it is going to make it challenging... Thanks in advance for any wisdom!

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Ed Barger is not on this forum so I sent the question to him.


Here is his reply...


The BL are not designed to be used as a space lite the heat in that position will eat the reflectors and switches
one can use them as SLs in an emergency if they are not run full power for more than 15 min at a time then dimmed between takes
to cool I have done this on Mattel toy commercials in the past but leaving them full power for even 30 minuets can damage the switches etc as the electrical box is right over the bulbs
thanks again

Edward V Barger

310 401 0633
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