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  1. Eurolight do them apparently - https://www.eurolight-system.com/index.php?id_product=4950&controller=product&id_lang=2
  2. Lighting gels are subtractive meaning that they filter out the spectrum that is not needed so it is not so much the colour temp of the light that is important as the actual source. Tungsten is full spectrum and will give the best results. HMI is also full spectrum but with spikes. LED has missing spectrum and this cannot be filled with gels.
  3. Hi Tiago, Let me state up front this is a sales pitch - we manufacture the light I am about to recommend. Have a look at our PB80, LED Redhead. Whilst it is not focusable it does produce a nice sharp shadow and the quality of the light is very high in both tungsten or daylight. You cannot dial in whatever colour temp you need but then that function does come with a price in terms of light output. The PB80 can be 3200K or 5600k, mains or battery powered. Is dimmable using the knob on the back. Check it out here http://www.photonbeard.com/led-redhead.html and watch the demo that was done for us by a customer who bought one of the early ones. If you need any more info just get in touch. Thanks Peter
  4. Hi Alexander - Sales Pitch Warning..... Check out out 2K open face. http://www.photonbeard.com/open-face.html We have local support in North California or even more local via MACCAM in Van Nuys. We also offer an HMI version which gives more light but is only 1200W. If you have any questions get in touch.
  5. Peter Daffarn


    Hi Everyone, If anyone is planning to attend NAB in Las Vegas next week and is looking for new lighting instruments then please do visit Photon Beard in Central Hall C7650. We will be launching our new LED soft light for use in studios. I have attached a picture of the large light which is a 360W (8 tube fluorescent equivalent). The range starts at 90W and goes to 180W, 270W and 360W. All units come with 5 year warranty on light output and quality. We will also have our LED Redhead, mains or battery powered and the very powerful Platinum Blonde 1200W HMI. I don't want to fill this post with sales blurb so if you need more info please email me or visit www.photonbeard.com Thanks Peter
  6. Jay, Have you tried contacting these people - http://www.planetbulb.com/lampholders/ Peter
  7. Freya - as an ex Strand employee who has sold and installed Quartzcolor all over the world I would agree to a large extent that they were very good products. Although the HMI range was never quite as good as it should have been..... Quartzcolor is still around and is now owned by Cosmolight. I have limited experience of the current range but it is mostly LED now. Peter
  8. If anyone is interested I do have some used Quartzcolor 2kW P/O fresnels for sale in very condition for used. They can be found here - https://projectsdepartment.wazala.com/products/2kw-castor/ The photo is one that is actually for sale and the other 4 are in similar condition. Peter
  9. Sales Pitch Alert - We manufacture the products I am going to recommend below Please check out our web site and in particular this page - http://www.photonbeard.com/frensel.html As we probably were the last manufacturer to make a new range of tungsten heads we were able to use the most modern techniques so for example the bodies are all made from laser cut aluminium which means they are lighter than most whilst still being strong. Similarly we used the best reflector material we could find so the light output is higher than our competitors. We also have open face options (Redheads and Blondes) which are available as single heads or in kits with stands. In the US please contact : Pete Challinger PM Tech - US Operations for Photon Beard 4096 Rowles Rd Vina, CA, 96092 T: (+1) 530-267-0822 M: (+1) 530-200-0295 LA (+1) 818-237-4257 Contact e-mail: petec@photonbeard.com Contact e-mail: petec@pmtech.com Website: http://pmtech.com Webshop https://pmtech.myshopify.com/ End of pitch.....
  10. Useful further reading can be found here - http://photo.net/learn/optics/edscott/vis00010.htm
  11. A point to bear in mind on light sources is spectrum spikes and gaps. Spikes are not desirable as they will colour the subject - HMI, fluorescent and LED for example can have a large green spike and hence the subject looks green on screen. This is often added by the source manufacturer as the human eye is very sensitive to green and hence the lights appear brighter. Spikes are not so bad as you can add some gel and take out (subtract) the spike. There is a gel called "Full minus Green" for example - full spectrum but take out green or "Quarter minus green" - full spectrum but leave some green in etc. However some light sources have holes or missing sections of the spectrum and this is more of a problem. You cannot add a gel and put the colour back. Gels only work on subtraction so to get blue you remove all other light - hence the remaining blue light is low level and you find the gel burns out quickly because it is adsorbing all the other energy. If the Blue section is not in the light source then adding gel will not produce it. Tungsten is the ideal source as far as the spectrum goes as it is a black body radiator and emits visible light in all colours. Plasma is also very near ideal and emits visible light in all colours HMI and Fluorescent have spikes which can be controlled using gels. LED often has missing sections and this is what makes it hard to work with. Peter Daffarn MD Photon Beard Ltd www.photonbeard.com
  12. Hi Phil, We are always open to ideas from those who actually use the products. The Platinum Blonde was conceived in just this way by our dealer in LA saying to us one day "I'm sure you could put a 1.2kW lamp in that housing". The problem is in order to make a commercial product it then took 2 years of testing, modifying and retesting. It is OK if your home made kit has an issue - you can make do and mend but if we sell it to the other side of the world and it fails mid shoot we get a lot of stick, quite rightly too. Then we have to add the cost of warranty, CE approval, Safety testing, factory overheads etc etc. Very quickly your US$500 become US$1000 unless we can make hundreds of them and then it can go back to US$500. This is all before we make any profit to fund advertising, dealers margin, future design etc etc. Then factor in the likely sales. Most US networks will not use HMI anymore due to some idiot using one without the safety glass in and having it close to the presenter who ended up badly burnt from the UV. So they are not buying. Independent guys are looking for LED as they see it as a perfect solution - but of course it is not. Having said all that I would like to talk to you about your design. The platinum Blonde can take a 575W lamp but the issue is not all ballasts will auto sense the lamp fitted so we cannot promote this feature. There is, on most ballasts, a dimmer as well so you can go down to 50%. So the Platinum Blonde housing can effectively take you from 287W to 1200W with a lamp change or 575w to 1200W without changing lamp.
  13. You have hit what I see as the current problem within our industry. As a manufacturer who makes, or has tried, all light sources from Tungsten to Plasma I see the problem as this. I don't want Tungsten or HMI as they are old technology and get hot. I do want LED as that is new and will last forever and cost nothing to run. However LED does not have the quality I need at an affordable price. You can get very punchy LED - expensive. You can get very cheap LED - generally useless in most cases. You have done some good research and your results makes sense to me. OK so here is the sales pitch and please stop now if you don't like it. Please look at our Platinum Blonde. 1.2kW HMI open face (UV Safety glass of course) Give you similar amount of light as an ARRI M18 (1.8kW) Can be focused to some extent - spot or flood. Will work with any ballast that has an ARRI connector - so getting a spare is easy. The lamp is inexpensive so you can put a fresh one in before an important shoot. http://www.photonbeard.com/hmi-lighting.html If you need more info please contact me. Thanks Peter Daffarn Photon Beard
  14. Let me preface my reply by mentioning that I am not an end user I am a manufacturer so all my information is based on theory not real world practice. Your problem is not colour balance - it is the amount of the visible spectrum that is present in the light from the fluorescents referred to as CRI (Colour Rendering Index) or TLCI )Television Lighting Consistency Index). Lighting for image capture needs a CRI of 90 or above and/or a TLCI of 85 and above. This means that you should not need to do anything in post. Retail and domestic lighting can have as little 70% of the visible spectrum (CRI 70) and this is why it is not suitable for image capture. The human eye is very sensitive to green and so lamp manufacturers often increase the green spectrum as that makes the light source appear brighter. However the camera simply records what it sees and will notice the higher green content of the light. This is what causes skin tones to look bad - no one likes to be slightly green. In my opinion adding +green to your other fixtures will simply make this worse. You could add -Green to the fluorescents but if you want them in shot this is not an option. Swapping them out for broadcast quality tubes is the answer - not only Kino but GE Cinema+ or Osram Lumilux Deluxe would be suitable. Regards Pete
  15. We have recently taken over the distribution for a range of very high quality 14.8V V or Gold mount batteries. DSM Broadcast Power have been making batteries for over 35 years and are the only ones to our knowledge who can use factory fresh matched Panasonic cells direct from Japan. All batteries are assembled in UK and fully tested before sale and come with a 2 year warranty. They have an excellent reputation around Europe and are used by many broadcasters such as ZDF in Germany and Swiss TV. 98Wh V or Gold mount normally £190.00 - 20% discount for this forum means £152.00 Ex VAT 160Wh V mount only normally £270.00 - 20% discount for this forum means £216.00 Ex VAT Of course we have chargers as well if you need them. Single, Dual or Quad PBV1 - Single output automatic fast 2A charger for DSM Li-ion UV series V-Lock batteries £165.00 less 20% = £132.00 Ex VAT PBV2S - Simultaneous twin output fast 2A charger for DSM UV series 14.8V Li-ion V-Lock Batteries £290.00 less 20% = £232.00 Ex VAT PBV4S - Simultaneous 4 way 1.6A charger For DSMUV-98 and UV-160 Li-ion V-Lock Batteries with AC PSU £390.00 less 20% = £312.00 Ex VAT You can buy online from the Photon Beard web shop at Photonbeard.wazala.com and use "Cineforum" as the discount code at check out. The discount code will actually work for anything on the web shop. Shipping can be worldwide but for more than one battery it may need to go sea freight so will take a little longer. Peter Daffarn Photon Beard Ltd K3 Cherrycourt Way Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire LU7 4UH UK Tel +44(0)1525 850911 email info@photonbeard.com
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