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photos of nprs for shoulder use

steve waschka

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I know I am behind the times and I should be buying an XTR. I am trying to produce professional looking material on a self funded budget and the return is pretty intangible. This is my last step before just buying an XTR. I have an NPR on the way and I know I will be shouldering it 50% of the time. The photos online are pretty small. And Ive seen some interesting rigs out there. One looks like a sort of a bent plate that goes under the motor and has a socket for a front rail for a handle. Anybody have any photos of their rigs theyd like to share? I could use some inspiration from some people that already know what works.

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I have rcvd the NPR. While I see many photos of people shouldering the NPR during its time of popularity, it is not a pleasurable experience. I have a few pseudo shoulder / steadicam rigs I will use but a purpose-built built-in shoulder bracket would be a fairly intricate build to result in anything elegant and effective. And its still a heavy off balance camera.

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