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Bell and Howell 200, instructions?

Koren Dettloff

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So recently i picked up an old Bell and Howell 16mm Magazine Camera from 1951.

Let me be the first to say this camera does NOT look its age and i've been wanting to try it out. Generally i don't buy unless the cameras have a case and the instructions, but this one was so cheap i picked it up anyhow. I've been looking around online for possibly an instructions manual or any film since i purchased the camera without. I know next to nothing about it and was hoping someone could help me out.


Sidenote: By some coincedence i do have a 16mm old projector that still works


Any help/ideas/anything is totally welcome!

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Magazine cameras. Ah yes. I had a fantasy of walking around with one of those and a sack of magazines to just document everything I saw. Unfortunately, they take double perf film, which can be had, but isn't super easy to find these days. And reloading the mags is finicky. I do still want to do that some day..


Alan Gordon was selling reloaded mags a few years ago, and even supplying new ones, but I'm pretty sure they're out of it now. You can find some fresh ones on ebay, though. That's probably your best/easiest bet. Any 16mm film lab can process the film.


If you have some magazine and you want to reload them yourself, again you'll need some double perf 16mm film, but here's a video showing how to do it!

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Here's an instruction manual pdf I just found. I just got the same camera and it came with no instructions.



This is where the pdf came from. They have a list of other manuals for several different cameras.



Hope that helped if you haven't found it already.


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