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Seeking Los Angeles rooftop to shoot on

Bo Price

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Hey everybody,


I'm looking for a rooftop to shoot a low budget short film on -- preferably around downtown L.A.


Eight years ago this forum came through for me with a fantastic choice -- United Pacific Studios -- that is unfortunately no longer a studio, and they won't let us go back.


We are looking for something urban, gritty, dirty, etc.


And most importantly, something that has different levels on it, separated by little dividers -- like New York buildings do between different addresses. What we need is something where somebody can jump off one of these levels, and with a low angle camera, it looks like they are jumping off the building, as we see them disappear below.


Please attached pic -- this is from the old United Pacific rooftop that is no longer available.


If anybody has any leads, please let me know. Any help greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much!


Bo Price






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