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Peter Daffarn

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We have recently taken over the distribution for a range of very high quality 14.8V V or Gold mount batteries.

DSM Broadcast Power have been making batteries for over 35 years and are the only ones to our knowledge who can use factory fresh matched Panasonic cells direct from Japan.

All batteries are assembled in UK and fully tested before sale and come with a 2 year warranty.


They have an excellent reputation around Europe and are used by many broadcasters such as ZDF in Germany and Swiss TV.


98Wh V or Gold mount normally £190.00 - 20% discount for this forum means £152.00 Ex VAT

160Wh V mount only normally £270.00 - 20% discount for this forum means £216.00 Ex VAT


Of course we have chargers as well if you need them. Single, Dual or Quad


PBV1 - Single output automatic fast 2A charger for DSM Li-ion UV series V-Lock batteries £165.00 less 20% = £132.00 Ex VAT

PBV2S - Simultaneous twin output fast 2A charger for DSM UV series 14.8V Li-ion V-Lock Batteries £290.00 less 20% = £232.00 Ex VAT

PBV4S - Simultaneous 4 way 1.6A charger For DSMUV-98 and UV-160 Li-ion V-Lock Batteries with AC PSU £390.00 less 20% = £312.00 Ex VAT

You can buy online from the Photon Beard web shop at Photonbeard.wazala.com and use "Cineforum" as the discount code at check out.

The discount code will actually work for anything on the web shop.


Shipping can be worldwide but for more than one battery it may need to go sea freight so will take a little longer.


Peter Daffarn

Photon Beard Ltd

K3 Cherrycourt Way

Leighton Buzzard





Tel +44(0)1525 850911

email info@photonbeard.com





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